Honda has just dealt the United Kingdom’s auto industry a huge blow.   The Japanese carmaker said Tuesday that it will shut down a major manufa cturing plant in the English town of Swindon that employs 3,500 people. T housands more jobs will be put at risk at suppliers and other businesses.   Honda (HMC) has made more than 3 million cars in Swindon since its plant there opened three decades ago. The plant, which will close in 2021, currently produces up to 150,000 Civics a year for over 70 countries.   Swindon is the Japanese company’s only car plant in the European Union. The restructuring will alsoRead More →

the Communist Party of China and the State Council, China’s cabinet, Chinese authorities will consolidate the produc tion capacity of such products as edible-oil crops and cotton through improving quality and efficiency. The nation will also improve the subsidy policy for soybean and corn producers this year, while also scaling up imports of agricultural products in shortage and diversifying import channels, the g uideline read. China will also cultivate a group of multinational agricultural enterprises. Jiao Shanwei, editor-in-chief of grain portal in Central China’s Henan Province, told the Global Times that the guide line, which is issued at the beginning of each year andRead More →

ed from the US are lifted as a result of upcoming bilateral trade talks and China’s decision to resume soybean imports, “the percentage of US soybeans in China’s total imports could further dwindle in 2019″ as the nation looks for w ays to avoid further escalation in the weakening economic relationship, Jiao said. In 2018, China purchased 16.6 million tons of soybeans from the US, about half of 2017’s level of 32.9 million tons and the lowest since 2008 , Reuters reported. Meanwhile, the country is buying more soybeans from Brazil, Argentina and Russia. In January, relevant departments issued a soybean “rejuvenation” plan, aiming toRead More →

Baquba, told the Xinhua News Agency that “mallows spread tremendously this winter. It reminds me of Iraq from a long time ago.” “Some valleys, close to my hometown of Mandli, 90 kilometers east of Baqub a, are now being called mallow valleys due to the spread of the weed,” he said. Arkan al-Nadawi, a local villager, said that “mallows spread this y ear in wheat and barley fields, and in most of the fields of northern and eastern regions.” “Mallows taste great and most of the people in villages and countryside love it, and it is the dish of the poor,” he added. Monshed al-Zaidy,Read More →

old days when my family and I lived in a village. It is a traditional food to eat but it has some special memories to me when I was a child,” he said. In Salahudin Province in northeastern Iraq, on the road leading to Tikrit, the provincial capital near Kirkuk, there were several families harvesting mallows. Some were planning to sell the harvest. Some of the elderly, suffering from chronic disease, such as diabete s and blood pressure, seek mallows as the best food for their medical cases. Dawood Ghanem, 55, a farmer, said mallows this year flourished in Iraq, thanks to the heavy rainsRead More →

stock or real estate investment, instead of investing in their main business, which is not recommended. What we should encourage is tha t companies should finance R&D and technology, which is conducive to economic development. Cai Fang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences What lies behind the economic slowdown is the disappearance of the demographic dividend, which has ca used a decline in the potential growth rate, meaning there is no longer a gap between actual growth rat es and potential rates. Now, the natural unemployment rate has climbed from 4 to 5 percent, indicating there is no cyc lical unemployment atRead More →

m in business opportunities, and other factors such as urbanization are having a positive effect on consumer spending. It is very likely for the government to further open the Chinese economy to foreign investment. Although the external econ mic situation is complex, China is moving quickly to push forward a draft law amendment that supports the co ncept of pre-establishment national treatment, which will encourage fair competition between foreign and do mestic businesses. Such measures will give foreign investors more opportunities to share China’s growth dividend. China is at a critical point in its economic restructuring and rising up the value chain. If foreign companiesRead More →

its poor performance in recent polls in three key Indian states. One key factor that apparently sealed the fate of the BJP was prevailing anger among upper castes. So the first thing the prime minister did was to grant 10 percent job reservation to the less well-off among the upper castes. The BJP projected the move as a “game changer” which it claimed would win it the support of a certain section of society bu t now finds itself on the back foot as the Congress came out with a proposal promising “minimum income guarantee” fo r every poor villager if the party was votedRead More →

visited his village during a campaign focused on protecting children’s rights in March last year. Procurators interviewed Xiao’s grandparents, visited Xiao’s former primaryers, and contacted Xiao’s mother during their visit. Procurators then transferred Xiao’s case to local police and suggested the detention of his aunt while they further investigated the case, having found evidence of maltreatment in his uncle’s home. After a health examination in a local hospital, Xiao returned to live with his grandparents. With the help of the county’s procuratorate and relevant government departments, Xiao returned to school in September. The procuratorates of Meizhou city and Pingyuan county have jointly granted a 60,000Read More →

ina has seen progress in its effort to revitalize traditional crafts and turn them int o targeted measures for poverty alleviation, according to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The ministry said it has organized extensive training for inheritors of traditional c rafts and supported setting up relevant workstations in collaboration with different departments. The ministry has set up 57 workshops for intangible cultural heritage and provided training for 2,500 people in poverty-stricken areas , including a county in southwest China’s Guizhou Province that is home to the ethnic Miao people. The campaign has also raised the awareness of provincial-level authorities. A total of 26Read More →