Linshui county of Guang’an, Sichuan province, a transport truck carrying 150  pigs, nine of them dead, was seized at a toll station. It was the second case in March after an outbreak that killed 20 pigs on a breeding farm in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was confirmed on March 7. The next step, Yu said, is to maintain the momentum of the ongoing disease preven tion and control measures and strengthen oversight over the slaughtering sector. On Friday, the ministry launched checks on slaughterhouses nationwide and ordered them to carry out self-inspections. Yu stressed the need to secure supplies of live pigs and porkRead More →

  verseas — with her quick action following the attack.   She was quick to label the incident a terrorist attack, a designation that can be lacking fo r far-right killings, and within hours had vowed to change the law to prevent future atrocities.   ”Our gun laws will change,” she said, evoking memories of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who clam ped down on guns within two weeks of the 1996 massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania, which killed 35 people.   True to her word, New Zealand’s cabinet met Monday and agreed on “in prin ciple” changes to be detailed next week. They’re expected to includeRead More →

elopment plan should fit with national strategies in development, security and the mil itary, and should integrate their current and future needs to pursue sustainable, consistent growth. Xi insisted on the military understanding the determination and intention of the Party’s leadership, exerting itself to enhance combat preparedness and firmly safeguarding China’s sovereignty, safety, development interests, and social stability. He also instructed the military to support the country’s economic and social development, envi ronmental endeavors and disaster and accident relief work. It should also play its part in poverty alleviation, he added. Governments at all levels should, in turn, support the military’s work, make appropriate arrangementsRead More →

  ech online, but it’s also worth remembering that the Yarovaya Law had a major impact on religious freedom in Russia.   A 2018 State Department report noted that Russian authorities “prosecuted individuals of many denomination s for unauthorized missionary activity under the amendments to antiterrorism laws passed in 2016, known as the Yarovaya Package. Polic e conducted raids on the private homes and places of worship of religious minorities.   Religious minorities said local authorities used the country’s anti-extremism l aws to add to the list of banned religious texts. Local officials continued to prevent minority religi ous organizations from obtaining land and denied them construction permitsRead More →

ted the talks with a down-to-earth attitude without getting too obs essed with their differences and thus have been able to make substantive progress. Cooperation benefits both, confrontation hurts not just both, but also the entire world. This, among other things, is an inherent part of the broad picture of Sino-US relations. Given the impact both economies have on the world economy and their bilateral relations on the world political situation, it is imperative the politicians of both coun tries adopt a global perspective when making policies concerning bilateral ties. Keeping the bigger picture in mind and adopting a global perspective will enable them toRead More →

  harbor, on the southwest coast of Seoul. On board were 51 containers of mixed waste that South Korean company Green SoKo had exported to the Philippines last year.   The company had claimed the waste was recyclable plastic, but most of it was not in fact recyclable an d had been strewn over a 45,000 square meter patch (almost 500,000 square feet) of Mindanao island.   Locals discovered that the trash included household garbage, used diapers, empty ca ns of ham, and washing machine parts. Protests by environmental group EcoWaste Coalition put pressure on the South Korean govern ment to take back the trash.What that container shipRead More →

 Jesus Madrazo, a member of Bayer’s executive leadership team and head of Agricultural Affai rs and Sustainability for the Crop Science division of Bayer, said the company, sensing tremendous op portunities in China, is constantly looking for opportunities to expand its operations in China. “There is a broad recognition that China has made tremendous prog ress in not only advancing food security, but also about the quality of what is grown, and gro w it not only more but also better, better for the consumers and better for the environment.” He said Bayer, having been operating in the Chinese market for more than 30 years,Read More →

ent inspection, found that is located in fangshan district Zhu oXiu north street green space yue mansion project marketing center is a N oah’s ark of Beijing star original create asset management co., LTD., set up without authorization, not the project d evelopment enterprise green group Beijing Beijing real estate co., LTD., established the record sales.Law en forcement officers on the spot to shut down the marketing center, and demanded that the star was to create a r emoval of publicity materials, demolition of marketing assets company sign. The commission for the figure of Beijing Survey found that star in March 2016 the original createRead More →

  Two years old boy, Hu Lun slightly.(photo: the UK, the daily mail website)   Xinhua Beijing on January 20 (xinhua cuckoo) a two year old boy in malaga, southern Spain, 13 provinces tota tow n fell into a deep well.Due to the well’s mouth is very narrow, local time, rescue by 18, has been 6 days.   Rescue workers are hard to find signs of life, bu t he never gave up hope, drill a tunnel nearby location, in order to save the boy.   On the sixth day   Two years old boy, Hu Lun Rosetta slightly, 13 to accompany the family to the tota town visit aRead More →