old days when my family and I lived in a village. It is a traditional food to eat but it has some special memories to me when I was a child,” he said. In Salahudin Province in northeastern Iraq, on the road leading to Tikrit, the provincial capital near Kirkuk, there were several families harvesting mallows. Some were planning to sell the harvest. Some of the elderly, suffering from chronic disease, such as diabete s and blood pressure, seek mallows as the best food for their medical cases. Dawood Ghanem, 55, a farmer, said mallows this year flourished in Iraq, thanks to the heavy rainsRead More →

stock or real estate investment, instead of investing in their main business, which is not recommended. What we should encourage is tha t companies should finance R&D and technology, which is conducive to economic development. Cai Fang, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences What lies behind the economic slowdown is the disappearance of the demographic dividend, which has ca used a decline in the potential growth rate, meaning there is no longer a gap between actual growth rat es and potential rates. Now, the natural unemployment rate has climbed from 4 to 5 percent, indicating there is no cyc lical unemployment atRead More →

According to the Japanese Times website on the 30th, the nuclear fuel facility in Donghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, sounded the “radioactive material leakage” alarm on the afternoon of the same day, and nine staff members were bei ng inspected to determine whether they had been exposed to nuclear pollution. According to Taiwan’s Toshimori News Cloud, the Japan Release Association was q uoted as saying that nine staff members were present when the fuel manuf acturing equipment of Japan Atomic Power Research and Development Agency (JARDA) in Do nghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, was operating. Ibaraki County said the incident did not affect the surrounding environment.Read More →

South Korean actress appearance level can say the same, but there are still a lot of appearance level is different from a n ormal star.Remember lee da hae?She was Japanese Korean drama “my girl”, also in China’s development is good, the a udience agreed that is pure goddess, but now a new portrait of her exposure, let the fans did not recognize. Lee da hae made his debut as has more than ten years old Korean stars, have alr eady accumulated a lot of popularity, though not a staggering levels in appearance, but it was because she grew t o a pure face, got aRead More →

  Beijing time on January 16, the Asian cup group stage in the final round of group C continue to open, the Chinese football against South Korea.And before the game starts, China and South Korea also unveiled before the starting list respectively.   In the starting line-up, the team’s starting in lippi has carried on the part of the rot ation, lei did not appear in the starting lineup, in a game, as a substitute of g reat treasure, Jin Jing way, zhang in the starter list, old captain zheng zhi in the game to start.After south Korean me dia has been hyped cloth Min will debutRead More →

Beijing time on January 23, Lady Gaga in response to an Oscar nomination – slept, kno w immediately after tears.Oscar nominations announced yesterday, Gaga with “a star is born” nominated for best actr ess and best song, but she didn’t watch live, because she has been very busy recently, so you need to sleep. Gaga nominated woke up three hours have p assed, she call agent, the first thing to do is know after his nomination in sobs.Curious reporters from started bo mbing congratulations message didn’t wake up at dawn Gaga?She said “I went to sleep and nothing can wake me”. Gaga says blessing meaningRead More →

  Beijing time on January 22 afternoon, according to the various media messages, the premier league club Cardiff city new signings Sarah confirm lost in plane.It is reported that the plane carrying two people, including Sarah herself an d the pilot, there are two helicopters is a search and rescue work, but so far there is no any news!   On January 20, Cardiff city officially announced the signing of French fc nantes Sa ra, worth up to 17 million euros, Cardiff city club record transfer fee record, the two sides signed a contract until the summer of 2022.Sar ah,, 28, the nationality, on behalf of theRead More →

21, the national bureau of statistics released in 2018, the Chinese economy.In 2018, China’s overall economy in smooth and steady, per capita disposable income faster t han GDP, per capita GDP and CPI growth, job creation and other important indicators achieve development goals. Data figure Wu Wei drawing GDP for the first time in 90 trillion, up 6.6% from a year earlier Preliminary accounting, gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, 90.0309 trillion yuan , RMB 90 trillion for the first time.Calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, rea lized the anticipated development goals, about 6.5% of the economy maintained aRead More →

  On January 19, netease entertainment reportsAccording to Taiwan media reports, artist wu zun with a 72 – year – old father take part in a variety of “the most beautiful time,” the latest content, the wife li-ying Lin family meals at the beach on vacation together and both parties, at the sight of my father-in-law, say there ha s been a great pity in the heart, is not for the wife do a happy wedding, not only promises will do, and kis s his wife in front of the family, to prove their love from 16 to now, has not changed for 23 years, letRead More →

  Chinese people to win the listed company of trial and zhao experts say or motivate more rights behavior China news agency Beijing January 18 (xinhua Chen Kangliang) China’s a-share listed companies in zhejiang auspicious sour ce culture co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as auspicious source culture) 18 announcement, said the company h ad received 17 of hangzhou city, zhejiang province intermediate people’s court from the civil judgment and related legal documents.Should compensate the plaintiff of about 488000 yuan (RMB, the same below).Zhao wei are jointly and severally liable for the debts of some cases ruled.   Since then, the China‘s capital market high-profile law suit wonRead More →