anonymous WeChat poll opposed Li’s nomination. More than 150,000 ne tizen in the poll voted no, with around 1,000 voting for his nomination as of May 2. The poll was removed on Monday. Neither the academy nor Baidu responded to inquiries. Li was nominated by the China Association for Science and Technology mainly for his contribution to China’s search engine technology, financial news outlet Yicai reported on Monday. Li also was included in the candidate category kno wn for its inclusion of innovative managers in new and interdisciplinary engineering sectors. Zhou Jian, chairman of Beijing Gan’en Charity Foundation, said in a r ecent WeChat articleRead More →

lems for commercial and recreational fishing, boating and water skiing. It deters a lot of new business owners when they talk to us about opening in Kentucky,” Brooks said. In some waterways, carp are so abundant that they jump out of the water into boats, sometim es hitting boaters and creating a nuisance. The massive schools of the fish are also hazardous to water skiers on popular lakes. Commercial fishermen in pursuit of other types of fish have to try hard not to catch them. Asian carp are having a $7 billion negative effect on various businesses in the US. But He Lining, development managerRead More →

 “I go on trips twice a year. I usually do not buy souvenirs on the road, because they are q uite similar and less creative, which I can easily find at the stalls of Shanghai’s Town God Temple.” Netizens in China joke online Yiwu’s residents need not buy souvenirs at other places as all such articles originate in their hometown. As Shi sees it, there is immense scope to reinvent the concept of souvenirs in general and Chinese souvenirs in particular. Souvenirs, he said, should be made in various formats-a local snack, curries from In dia, black tea from Sri Lanka, dried apricots from XinjiangRead More →

er and stomach cancer, that are more common in China but are rare in the US,” he said, adding that cooperation on r esearch for those cancers can help the US improve understanding of them and help China develop new drugs faster. Chen said the potential for China’s cancer drug market is huge and dynamic. The market is projected to reach $30 billion by the year 2024, according to a recent report by US company Research and Markets. Lung, breast and stomach cancer dominate the anti-cancer drug market in China and are expected to do so in the near future, according to the report. He saidRead More →

regard to the Belt and Road Initiative, local companies have linked to global markets more frequently. Companies that used to lack the confidence to go global began taking the step. Companies that have had export business for years upg raded their product structure and expanded their business to production capacity cooperation and technological export. Chengdu Xinzhu Road and Bridge Machinery is a prime ex ample. The company was founded as an infrastructure company, and its business has exp anded to include new energy and railway traffic. In September 2018, the company’s production base at the China-Bela rus Industrial Park in Minsk was launched to produceRead More →

CEO of Development Reimagined and former head of the Policy and Par tnerships, the United Nations Development Programme, and Andreas Pier otic, trade commissioner of Embassy of Chile in China. The four will also take questions after delivering their speeches. China Daily’s Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Zhou Shuchun will open the event with a welcome speech on April 27. Vision China events have been previously held in Beijing, Hangzhou, Joha nnesburg and London. The events have been broadcast live on internet and mul timedia platforms, reaching an international audience, particularly young people. This upcoming event will also be broadcast live on the China Daily website andRead More →

 that they are supposed to pay for themselves, and they should not embezzle funds for other purposes, it said. Research projects that require external help should be made public at the university. If there are profits involved between the research leader and external organizations, they should first sign a contract and submit it to the university, it said. University administrative staff should not seek profits or advantages in applying for and allocating research funds, the ministry said. Researchers should be held responsible for misuse of research funds. T heir research projects will be suspended, their research funds will be recovered and th ey will beRead More →

developed three series including M, V and T, with the smartphone business revenue once accounting for 80 percent of its total revenue. The image-editing app developer changed its strategy to social platform on 2018. By the e nd of February, the monthly active users on Meitu platform reached 119.2 million. According to Meitu’s financial report, its revenue from internet business increased 26.3 percent year-on-year to 947.7 million yuan ($141.31 million) in 2018, w ith gross margin from the business surging 134.8 percent to 429.1 million yuan. However, the firm’s revenue from smart hardware slumped 50 .7 percent year-on-year to 184.38 million yuan last year, andRead More →

China is planning to build a new Free Trade Zone in the Yangtze River Delta region, China Business Network reported on Wednesday. Deputy Director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission Zhu Min made t he announcement at a press conference on promoting high-quality development on Wednesday in Shanghai. Although Zhu didn’t reveal the exact location of the new FTZ, S uzhou Industrial Park in East China’s Jiangsu province is expected to be the spot. Suzhou Industrial Park said to a CBN reporter the FTZ is a national-level plan and the park hasn’t got any news yet. Zhu emphasized the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade ZoneRead More →

China can push forward deleveraging and deal with short-term downside pressure in a coord inated way to ensure sustainable and high-quality economic growth, experts said on Friday. “Deleveraging does not necessarily lead to slower economic gro wth. It depends on which approach we choose to lower the leverage,” said Hu Xia olian, chair of the Export-Import Bank of China at the Boao Forum for Asia, which concluded on Friday. As China’s deleveraging moves support supply-side structural reforms, del everaging and economic growth actually go hand in hand in many aspects, Hu said. Reducing the debt ratio of State-owned enterprises, for example, entails reforms to strengRead More →