followed by Baidu and ByteDance, according to the employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn. The ranking list is based on feedback from LinkedIn’s more than 40 million users in China, taking fo ur aspects into consideration — interest in the company, engagement with employees, job demands and employee retention. Qualified companies must have had at least 500 employees as of Feb 1, 2018, and demonst rate flat or positive employee growth over the following 12 months, based on LinkedIn’s data. Among the top 25 companies to work for in 2019, 15 of them are technology companies, as the results showed. Here is the top 10 listRead More →

The newly-approved Foreign Investment Law, the promotion of free t rade, further reform and opening up in China have benefited not only foreign investors, but provi ded a better business environment for all players in this country, said top executives of German pharmaceutical giant Merck during a media interview at the just-ended Boao Forum for Asia in Boao, South China’s Hainan province. As a pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences conglomerate, it is always important for Merck Group to have clear and transparent pharmaceutical stru ctures, and the Foreign Investment Law gives the company more transparency and a much more reliable fram ework, especially on intellectualRead More →

  should maintain regular communication with its EU partners, seek mutual benefits and use innovative mechanisms to realize better cooperation.   Tian Dewen, deputy director general of the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Sino-EU cooperation has great potential   As one of the world’s three largest economies and a strong driving force of multilateralism, the EU is an important cooperation partner of China in fields such as free trade, international issues and global governance.   Xi’s visit to the three EU member states shows a great potential for China-EU coope ration is still to be tapped. The EU’s wish to deepen cooperation with ChinaRead More →

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has led major financial companies in London to move assets and staff to continental Europe, mea ning the post-Brexit landscape is likely to be far more “polycentric” than it is today and far less centered on one location. According to a recent report by think tank The New Financial, more than 40 companies have shifted staff or oper ations to more than one financial center within the EU, with 100 choosing the Irish capital as a post-Brexit location, whi ch was the most popular choice ahead of Luxembourg, with 60, Paris with 41, Frankfurt with 40,Read More →

 it is already a banking center in the European context, plus a clearinghouse. Also, Frankfurt has the Euro pean central bank, which is now the regulator for all banks in Europe. So, the banks want to be closer to the major regulator,” Donoghue said. As for asset management, insurance, and funds companies, Donoghue said, they are relocat ing to Dublin because the city has a very broad and diversified set of capabilities in running funds and managing assets. Andrew Pilgrim, associate partner at consultancy Ernst & Young, which is known as EY, sai d it is probably not in the EU’s best interests to haveRead More →

ROME — China and Italy signed here Saturday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly advance the con struction of the Belt and Road during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the country. The two sides welcome the signing of the intergovernmental MoU on jointly advancin g the Belt and Road construction, said a joint communique issued by the two countries. The two sides realize the huge potential of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in promoting con nectivity, and stand ready to strengthen the alignment of the BRI and Trans-European Transport Networks and deepen the cooperation in ports, logistics, marine transportation and otherRead More →

had to quit again as he had to pick up his son from primary school at noon. He joined the line again aft er lunch, but he didn’t have any idea about when his turn will come when China Daily interviewed him at 4:30 pm. There were so many donators that the organizers brought dozens of stools to the site so that people could rest after waiting a long time. Many people also came to Xiangshui People’s Hospital to offer free food and medicine for those hospitalized. Chen Y ueru, a member of local volunteer association, said they have received 2,177 boxes of packed foodRead More →

Chinese squad would be in an even more embarrassing position. “Chinese soccer is no longer among the best in Asia … for a long time now, we have been in th e second tier. Although we call our league the Chinese Super League, the word ‘super’ only exists in the name.” Retired Chinese international Li Yi, who helped Shenzhen win the 2004 CSL title, also expressed his concern online. “The current Thailand national team players are all in their prim e, and they will be strong opponents for Team China for the next few years,” said Li. “Now the old generation of Chinese players isRead More →

  a voice to all the nation’s many minorities.   ”I am Hindu, I come from a privileged background, so for people like me, no matter which part y comes to power, we aren’t going to face the brunt of it. The most affected are the minorities and the poor… If a certain party comes to power, these people will face huge problems.   ”They are the people I want to keep in mind when I choose a party.”   For Aastha Kulshrestha, a 23-year-old law student from New Delhi, her expectation of the n ext government is that it should not pit one group or religion against theRead More →

ost, part of the measures to deepen reform and opening-up in order to improve China’s overall business environment, some assume Beijing is rushing t he draft through the NPC to help trade negotiations with Washington. Such assumptions are groundless, to say the le ast, because discussions on adjusting the existing regulatory statutes had begun around 2013. Plus, a 170-arti cle draft foreign investment law was published for public review way back in January 2015. Moreoverarticle draft in 2018 is nothing short of revolutionary, as it is aimed at a strategic turn in the country’s approach to foreign inv estment. Beijing’s concept of openness is noRead More →