was first hired in 上海品茶微信女神会所vember 2016, but his original two-year stint in China delivered littl e to cheer about. He was unable to take China to the World Cup finals in Russia in 2018. The 71-year-old Lippi had stepped down in January, after the country’s quarterfinal exit from the Asian Cup, when he reportedly became furious in the dressing room after China’s crushing 3-0 loss to Iran. Lippi’s first game in his second tenure will be a friendly match with the Philippines in Guangzhou o n June 7, as Team China prepares for the second round of Asian zone qualifying for Qatar 2022, which kicksRead More →

e上海千花坊品茶微信ficial, and the US has reaped substantial benefits from cooperation. “China-US economic and trade cooperation has reached unprecedented depth and breadth,” the repo rt said, noting that bilateral trade surged to $633.5 billion last year, about 252 times that of 1979. Since the current US administration took office, it has ignored that, said Gao Feng, the ministry’s spokesman. The US has propagated the notion of a “loss” of US trade with China and uses the deficit as an excuse to provoke economic and trade friction, he said, ad ding that the study was based on concrete facts and figures showing the nature and causes ofRead More →

cessful example of the commitment of China and Russia to forging a new type of international relations and a good platform for such efforts. China will work with Russia and other SCO member states to enhance unity, mutual trust and c ooperation in various areas so that the organization will add more stability and positive energy to the wo rld and contribute to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind, he said. Xi said the Iran nuclear deal, as the embodiment of multilateralism, is crucial for internat ional nuclear nonproliferation and for peace and stability in the Middle East. “China andRead More →

First, China has undisputable sovereignty over islands and their s urrounding waters in the South China Sea, backed by a wealth of historical and legal basis,” Shao said. For a long period of time, various nations’ normal passage and flight in the region have never bee n obstructed. “There is no issue over the freedom of navigation and overflight in the South China Sea,” he said. However, the US has frequently sent vessels and aircraft to trespass into Chinese maritim e territory and airspace, and has conducted intense intelligence gathering and special drills in the region. “These actions damage the peace and security of theRead More →

The Chinese government has accorded priority to achieving stable and expanding employment among its six stabilization tasks. The importance of stable employment has also been highligh ted in this year’s Government Work Report. And the State Council, China’s Cabinet, recently established the Emp loyment Work Leading Group headed by Vice-Premier Hu Chunhua to deal with employment issues. The government is making special efforts to stabilize and expand employment, especially be cause of the intensifying Sino-US trade dispute and the increasing uncertainties in international trade. The China Institute for Employment Research of Renmin University of China has calculated the employment market index, which shows the healthRead More →

A growing number of people are eating alone, whether at home or in restaurants, and overturning traditional etiquette. Zhang Yangfei reports. In China, food has always played a major role in promoting social cohesion. Communal eating is not on ly familybased and deeply rooted in the nation’s cultural heritage, but is also regarded as an indicator of society’s health and stability. Given that background, it is little wonder that eating alone, publicly or privately, has long been considered taboo. However, in recent years things have started to change as a r esult of demographic shifts and the growing influence of modern lifestyles. According to aRead More →

education to help people learn more about the values of different civilizations and to pass down the cultures,” he said. At the session, 44 scholars and professors from Asian countries, along with France, Russia, Germa ny and Canada, voiced their opinions on exchanges by Asian civilizations in historical and modern times. Chen Lai, a professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said some ancient Chinese philosophers had proposed values for different civilizations. “Confucius said that ‘A gentleman seeks harmony, not conformity’, showi ng respect to different cultures,” he said. “Mencius proposed that we should have goo d intentions toward others. I think it’s an inclusive attitudeRead More →

 following the incident. A team of investigators said he deliberately evaded oversight to conduct the research in pursuit of fame and profit and may face criminal charges. “In our view, China is at a crossroads,” the four scholars said in the Nature commentary. “The government must mak e substantial changes to protect others from the potential effects of reckless human experimentation.” The authors were Lei Ruipeng, professor of bioethics at the School of the Humanities and Centre for Bioethics at Huazho ng University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Hubei province; Zhai Xiaomei, professor of bioethics and heal th policy at the Chinese Academy ofRead More →

candidates to the space technology academy, which then reviewed their qualifications and selected who would be admitted. “Whether the candidates can get this opportunity depends on two fac tors. First, their English proficiency is supposed to be good enough to handle our c ourses-all of them are taught in English,” Li said. “And second, an ideal candidate should have at least a bac helor’s degree as well as background in or some knowledge of the space industry.” Candidates who pass the qualification screening are also required to write a research pr oposal and provide an endorsement document signed by the space authority of their nation,Read More →

 more than 4,300 clients completed the standard se andries of three vaccinations within si x months.a-free policy will further cement Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport’s The Boao pilot zone is the first place on the Chinese mainland a llowed to import HPV 9-valent vaccines and other drugs wit hout needing central government permission, in line with the nine preferential policies granted by the State in 2013 – in this case, special permission to import medical technology, medical equipment and medicine. The provincial health and drug administrations will also send more supervisors to the pilot zone to provide guida nce and coordination and strengthen supervision of medicalRead More →