ipation ever of Nobel Prize winners, with four on the team They were Arieh Warshel, the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in chem istry; Edvard I. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; and Michael Young, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or med icine. These four were also joined by Les Valiant, the 2010 Turing Prize winner. The survey was conducted by the International Tal ents magazine. The organizer and Dataway provided data analysis of the survey. China Daily cons tructed the official website for the survey and reported on theRead More →

ore powerful momentum into the high-quality development of Chengdu,” he said. “We will do everything possible to create a law-based, internationalized business environment with quality services that facilitate and support development of foreign investment projects.” He emphasized the city plays an important role in China’s national agendas such as the Belt and Road Initiati ve, the Yangtze River economic zone development, and the West China development strategy. “A large number of national strategic opportunities have prese nted themselves in Chengdu… Chengdu is now at the frontier of China’s further ope ning-up, which shores up the city’s fast growth in regional competence and influence,” he said.Read More →

niversity and the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute of Genetics and Development Biology. Their findings were published in the journal Science on Friday. About 20 years ago, scientists discovered that plants, like animals, have robust immune sys tems that can protect them from pathogens including viruses, fungi, bacteria and parasites. Plants also have a unique “lure and catch” immune response to de al with pathogens that have breached their cellular defense, but exactly how this work ed remained unknown, said Zhou Jianmin, a researcher at the institute and one of the main scientists behind the study. To probe this mystery, Zhou and his team investigatedRead More →

Chinese startup Ofo has denied it is bankrupt, and claimed all is w ell at the bike-sharing company in a statement released on Tuesday. According to media reports, Beijing Baikeluoke Technology Co, one of Ofo’s operat ors, was involved in a bankruptcy case on March 25, listed on the national bankruptcy disclosure platform. Ofo, however, insists it is not bankrupt, saying that its debt-related litigation and negotiations are still underway. The company has been suffering financial problems for the past few m onths, with tens of millions of users waiting for refunds since the second half of last year. To compound matters for the company,Read More →

 that rejecting May’s deal could see Brexit delayed indefinitely. The promises moved some previously resistant Brexit-backers to support the deal. Former Forei gn Secretary Boris Johnson — a likely contender to replace May as Conservative Party leader — twe eted that rejecting it risked “being forced to accept an even worse version of Brexit or losing Brexit altogether.” But the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, with 10 seats in the House of Commons, has refused to back the agreement because it treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK. Parliament voted on the legally binding, 585-page withdrawal agreement that May agreed uponRead More →

s overseas, and we give local farmers guidance, training and planning for future develop ment,” said Xie, who has worked as an expert in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Gambia. Under the Boao Forum framework, Hainan has created a series of subforums, such as the ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Dialogue, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Island Economy subforum, the South China Sea su bforum, the Roundtable Discussion for Overseas Chinese Business Leaders and Chinese think tanks, Wang said. “These diplo matic platforms serve as new bridges to promote practical industrial cooperation between BRI countries.” Activities at the Boao forum this year will highlight land and sea interconnectivityRead More →

  re arguments to be made either way. Ultimately, all the Withdrawal Agreement does is place the UK into a transition p eriod, allowing for future negotiations about where all this ends up. If your biggest fear is remaining in the EU, then this is the case for holding your nose.   Taking back control   If May fails, as is widely expected, then it’s likely that MPs will do everything in their power to take control of Brexit away from the PM.   On Monday, MPs will vote on an amendable motion. This means that the Commons vo tes on a question put forward by the government, whichRead More →

Linshui county of Guang’an, Sichuan province, a transport truck carrying 150  pigs, nine of them dead, was seized at a toll station. It was the second case in March after an outbreak that killed 20 pigs on a breeding farm in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was confirmed on March 7. The next step, Yu said, is to maintain the momentum of the ongoing disease preven tion and control measures and strengthen oversight over the slaughtering sector. On Friday, the ministry launched checks on slaughterhouses nationwide and ordered them to carry out self-inspections. Yu stressed the need to secure supplies of live pigs and porkRead More →

  verseas — with her quick action following the attack.   She was quick to label the incident a terrorist attack, a designation that can be lacking fo r far-right killings, and within hours had vowed to change the law to prevent future atrocities.   ”Our gun laws will change,” she said, evoking memories of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who clam ped down on guns within two weeks of the 1996 massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania, which killed 35 people.   True to her word, New Zealand’s cabinet met Monday and agreed on “in prin ciple” changes to be detailed next week. They’re expected to includeRead More →

elopment plan should fit with national strategies in development, security and the mil itary, and should integrate their current and future needs to pursue sustainable, consistent growth. Xi insisted on the military understanding the determination and intention of the Party’s leadership, exerting itself to enhance combat preparedness and firmly safeguarding China’s sovereignty, safety, development interests, and social stability. He also instructed the military to support the country’s economic and social development, envi ronmental endeavors and disaster and accident relief work. It should also play its part in poverty alleviation, he added. Governments at all levels should, in turn, support the military’s work, make appropriate arrangementsRead More →