n emerging trend that will benefit animal protection work in the long run. The survey, released last week, found that more than 90 perce nt of Chinese travelers who had participated in an overseas wildlife tour said they would take into account whether their activities negatively affected the animals before making future tour decisions. “Wildlife-friendly travel plays a crucial role in the healthy growth of wildlife tourism. The research shows the responsibility that Chinese travelers would like to take, which is very enc ouraging,” said Zhao Zhonghua, chief representative of the World Animal Protection China office. The research was based on 2,206 questionnaires and jointlyRead More →

communicate with the foreigners to help them improve their ability to speak Chinese, he said. For Chea, the student from Cambodia, studying at the institute has been difficult since the beginning. “I majored in telecommunications in my university, so I knew nothing about spacecraft. For me, all the courses here ar e very difficult. At first I didn’t understand anything of what our teachers were talking about in class,” he said. He said he feels lucky because the Chinese teachers are nice and conside rate. They have been trying their best to make the lectures easier for him to comprehend, he said. “Now I canRead More →

 preferred by travelers for the four-day vacation. In most cases, it takes travelers under five hours to get to their destinations. In addition Shanghai’s Disney theme park, Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park and Cho ngqing’s Hongyadong were predicted to be the hottest three tourist attractions on the Chinese mainland. Two thousand years ago, the ancient Silk Road opened the door for Chengdu to connect with th e rest of the world. Now, fueled by the Belt and Road Initiative, the city again stands at the forefront of ope ning-up, developing its industries, creating value and making innovations on the global stage. The first freight train fromRead More →

Nevertheless, while the team once thought that AI offered all th e solutions, a new question soon arose. Audience members asked: “Where’s the original flavor?” After restoring the images to their original state, they soon began to realize that people still needed some nostalgia. For examp le, old series made by Hong Kong-based company TVB usually have yellowing images, but many viewers co mplained that its retro ambience had vanished after the color cast was corrected, Jiang says. “People then said our restored version looked like a camera filter has been ad ded,” Pei says with a bitter smile. “We then had to go backRead More →

 Mi Store in the eastern European country occupies 200 square meters, offering some 300 products, including smartphones, cameras, speakers, headsets, smart watches, selfie sticks, electri c scooters, smart robotic vacuum cleaners and even casual backpack. “With opening of the flagship store in the country, we are pleased to announce that the Mi fans can purchase the first Xiaomi phones offi cially in Romania,” said Zhang Guoren, Xiaomi authorized representative in Romania. Xiaomi is currently the fourth largest smartph one producer in the world and Romanians have long been familiar with its products.  China’s former world number one Ding Junhui took a 6-3 lead over AnthonyRead More →

Chinese startup Ofo has denied it is bankrupt, and claimed all is w ell at the bike-sharing company in a statement released on Tuesday. According to media reports, Beijing Baikeluoke Technology Co, one of Ofo’s operat ors, was involved in a bankruptcy case on March 25, listed on the national bankruptcy disclosure platform. Ofo, however, insists it is not bankrupt, saying that its debt-related litigation and negotiations are still underway. The company has been suffering financial problems for the past few m onths, with tens of millions of users waiting for refunds since the second half of last year. To compound matters for the company,Read More →

 that rejecting May’s deal could see Brexit delayed indefinitely. The promises moved some previously resistant Brexit-backers to support the deal. Former Forei gn Secretary Boris Johnson — a likely contender to replace May as Conservative Party leader — twe eted that rejecting it risked “being forced to accept an even worse version of Brexit or losing Brexit altogether.” But the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, with 10 seats in the House of Commons, has refused to back the agreement because it treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK. Parliament voted on the legally binding, 585-page withdrawal agreement that May agreed uponRead More →

s overseas, and we give local farmers guidance, training and planning for future develop ment,” said Xie, who has worked as an expert in Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and Gambia. Under the Boao Forum framework, Hainan has created a series of subforums, such as the ASEAN-China Governors/Mayors Dialogue, the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road Island Economy subforum, the South China Sea su bforum, the Roundtable Discussion for Overseas Chinese Business Leaders and Chinese think tanks, Wang said. “These diplo matic platforms serve as new bridges to promote practical industrial cooperation between BRI countries.” Activities at the Boao forum this year will highlight land and sea interconnectivityRead More →

Linshui county of Guang’an, Sichuan province, a transport truck carrying 150  pigs, nine of them dead, was seized at a toll station. It was the second case in March after an outbreak that killed 20 pigs on a breeding farm in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was confirmed on March 7. The next step, Yu said, is to maintain the momentum of the ongoing disease preven tion and control measures and strengthen oversight over the slaughtering sector. On Friday, the ministry launched checks on slaughterhouses nationwide and ordered them to carry out self-inspections. Yu stressed the need to secure supplies of live pigs and porkRead More →

  verseas — with her quick action following the attack.   She was quick to label the incident a terrorist attack, a designation that can be lacking fo r far-right killings, and within hours had vowed to change the law to prevent future atrocities.   ”Our gun laws will change,” she said, evoking memories of former Australian Prime Minister John Howard who clam ped down on guns within two weeks of the 1996 massacre at Port Arthur in Tasmania, which killed 35 people.   True to her word, New Zealand’s cabinet met Monday and agreed on “in prin ciple” changes to be detailed next week. They’re expected to includeRead More →