of the China Cup in three consecutive years-2-0 to Iceland at the inaugural edition in 2017, and 6-0 to Wales last year. Thursday’s defeat-the first test of newly appointed coach Fabio Canna varo who is also helming CSL side Guangzhou Evergrande-was harder to swallow bec ause Team China had defeated Thailand in the round of 16 at the Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates in January. The 45-year-old Caannavaro, who took over from compatriot Marcello Lippi last week, has made headlines and triggered controversy because of the dual club-and-country role. “China now has the financial power to bring the best coach to manage itsRead More →

Letters of Undertakings to overseas banks to obtain buyer’s credit, according to India’s Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI). “Investigation further revealed that the fraud was allegedly perpetrat ed despite the knowledge of senior officials of Punjab National Bank, who did not impl ement the circulars and caution notices issued by the Reserve Bank of India regarding safeguarding the SWIFT oper ations and instead, misrepresented the factual situation to RBI,” according to a statement from the CBI last year. The CBI has raided dozens of offices and seized property worth millions of dollars belonging to Modi, who denies all wrong doing. He has already been chargedRead More →

sformation from high-speed economic growth to high quality development, its econo my has reached a period of significant strategic opportunity. By 2035, China is e xpected to achieve socialist modernization with its per capita GDP reaching 35,000 int ernational dollars in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). While the United States reached that level in 198 8, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan did so in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2004, respectively. But to realize that goal, China has to solve several significant long-term problems. First, it has to mai ntain high total factor productivity (TFP), which at present is only 43 percent thatRead More →

  told CNN that the wives of ISIS martyrs are there with their children and they don’t want to leave. Multiple US officials to ld CNN’s Barbara Starr that civilians still remain in the last piece of territory remaining under ISIS control.   Trump surprises allies, claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria   Trump surprises allies, claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria   David Eubank, director of the Free Burma Rangers, a Christian humanitarian group t hat operates in the area, estimates that in the last month, around 15,000 people have fled Bagh ouz.Before the offensive started, SDF officials estimated thatRead More →

  The news that President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations with Nor th Korea early and empty-handed led many experts and lawmakers to heave sig hs of relief, even as the summit’s abrupt finale raises questions about where things go from here.   Many had worried that the President, eager to score a success and distract from damaging testimony by his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, would make a deal that endangered Am erica’s national security and possibly decrease the chances of Pyonyang denuclearization.   According to people familiar with conversations among the President’s senior national security officials, Trump told so me advisers ahead ofRead More →