developed three series including M, V and T, with the smartphone business revenue once accounting for 80 percent of its total revenue. The image-editing app developer changed its strategy to social platform on 2018. By the e nd of February, the monthly active users on Meitu platform reached 119.2 million. According to Meitu’s financial report, its revenue from internet business increased 26.3 percent year-on-year to 947.7 million yuan ($141.31 million) in 2018, w ith gross margin from the business surging 134.8 percent to 429.1 million yuan. However, the firm’s revenue from smart hardware slumped 50 .7 percent year-on-year to 184.38 million yuan last year, andRead More →

China is planning to build a new Free Trade Zone in the Yangtze River Delta region, China Business Network reported on Wednesday. Deputy Director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission Zhu Min made t he announcement at a press conference on promoting high-quality development on Wednesday in Shanghai. Although Zhu didn’t reveal the exact location of the new FTZ, S uzhou Industrial Park in East China’s Jiangsu province is expected to be the spot. Suzhou Industrial Park said to a CBN reporter the FTZ is a national-level plan and the park hasn’t got any news yet. Zhu emphasized the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade ZoneRead More →

China can push forward deleveraging and deal with short-term downside pressure in a coord inated way to ensure sustainable and high-quality economic growth, experts said on Friday. “Deleveraging does not necessarily lead to slower economic gro wth. It depends on which approach we choose to lower the leverage,” said Hu Xia olian, chair of the Export-Import Bank of China at the Boao Forum for Asia, which concluded on Friday. As China’s deleveraging moves support supply-side structural reforms, del everaging and economic growth actually go hand in hand in many aspects, Hu said. Reducing the debt ratio of State-owned enterprises, for example, entails reforms to strengRead More →

 greater than Border Costs. If Mexico doesn’t immediately stop ALL illegal immigration coming into the United States through our Southern Border, I will be CLOSING the Border, or large sections of the Border, next week,” he wrote on Twitter. Migrants illegally crossing the US border have led to tension between the United States and M exico ever since Trump began his bid for the presidency almost four years ago, taking a hard line on i mmigration and saying Mexico was sending rapists and drug runners into the United States. Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said on Thursday that tackling illegal i mmigration is anRead More →

China will unveil various measures to improve transport efficiency and lower logistics costs, according to a spokesperson for the transport ministry. Vowing to see a notable increase in transport efficiency in the next three years, the country will accelerate the construction of a comprehensive tra nsport network, spokesperson Wu Chungeng told a news conference on March 28. Efforts will also be made to expand the electronic toll collection system and promote multimodal transport, Wu said. Meanwhile, the logistics costs are expected to be reduced by 120.9 billion yuan (about $17.97 bil lion) in 2019, and a logistics service system in line with the country’s high-qualityRead More →

 Boeing 737 MAX 8s were delivered, and went down just minutes after taking off, within five months of each other, they have some degre e of similarity,” the administration said in its statement. The administration grounded all Chinese Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets on March 11. “With China suspending the airworthiness certificate for the Boeing 737 MAX 8, domesti c airlines are unable to purchase this model,” Li said, adding that it will undoubtedly cause great economic losses to Boeing. As of the end of January, the Boeing 737 MAX family had 5,011 orders worldwide, of which 3 50 had been delivered. More than 420Read More →

play an active facilitating role, and create better conditions for and inject greater momentum into the development of bilateral relations. The Italian Senate warmly welcomes Xi for his visit, Casellati said, notin g that the Italian and Chinese peoples have always trusted each other and maintained pr ofound friendship, with close ties in such fields as economy and trade, and culture. The Senate speaker said she agrees with Xi on his remarks about the traditional friendly exchanges betwe en the two countries dating back over 2,000 years, published in leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera ahead of his visit. China and Italy are major countriesRead More →

a flash sale, if you will-for the limited-edition cups. Consumers would wait in front of their com puters for long hours just to click “buy” several times in quick succession over a period of four days to March 3. Only, millions of their ilk would also do the same thing at the same time. This meant, most of their attempts were destined to prove unsu ccessful as buyers vastly outnumbered the special cups on sale. The cat-cups were sold out in nanoseconds after the sale opened. Disappointed consumers accused Starbucks of resorting to “hunger market ing”, a strategy to drive up demand by deliberately limitingRead More →

  Republican Sen. John Thune — who has oversight of the aviation industry and the FAA as a member of the Aviation subcommit tee of the Commerce and Transportation Committee — said Tuesday he would “prefer flying on some other plane” rather than Boeing’s 737 MAX 8.   Thune, who is also a the second-ranking Senate Republican leader, seemed to suggest he would be open to ground ing the planes if the evidence pointed to it, but stopped short of saying the planes should be grounded at this po int unless and until an NTSB investigation finds there is a problem with the plane.   He said heRead More →

  plant business owner Lee Won-jeong in 2017 bought the site from Kim, but kept him on as manager. Lee is based in Busan, in the south of the country, and claims he was unaware of the problems at the site.   Lee says that after the sale, Kim deposited more than 80 times the amount of g arbage permitted at the site, including household waste, construction materials, and discarded polymer.   The manager of the site had a permit to dump 2,000 tons of waste, the site holds more than 80 times that now.   As the trash mountain decomposed, gas built up under the surface. In DecemberRead More →