developed three series including M, V and T, with the smartphone business revenue once accounting for 80 percent of its total revenue. The image-editing app developer changed its strategy to social platform on 2018. By the e nd of February, the monthly active users on Meitu platform reached 119.2 million. According to Meitu’s financial report, its revenue from internet business increased 26.3 percent year-on-year to 947.7 million yuan ($141.31 million) in 2018, w ith gross margin from the business surging 134.8 percent to 429.1 million yuan. However, the firm’s revenue from smart hardware slumped 50 .7 percent year-on-year to 184.38 million yuan last year, andRead More →

sses the Jialing River with a cable-stayed main span that is 312 meters, connecting the Jiangbei and the Yuzhon g Districts. It’s the world’s longest single plane cable-stayed bridge by the length of main span with one tower. Both are double deck structures carrying four lanes of traffic on their upper decks and two rail lines on their lower decks. Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize awards civil engineering projects that have made great achievements on technological innovation and technological application. The Twin River Bridges are sceneries by themselves while look ing separately and complement each other nicely when looking together, according to its review onRead More →

ourts around China will hand down harsher sentences, up to and including the death penalty, for gang-related crimes, under a directive released on Tue sday by the country’s leading group pursuing a national crackdown on gang crime. China has taken a tough stance and stepped up its efforts against gangs. In January last year it launched a three-year campaig n against mafia-style gangs and officials who shelter criminal organizations. Chen Yixin, director of the leading group, said at a news confere nce in Beijing on Tuesday that as of March, more than 79,00 0 people had been prosecuted, and trials are crucial at this stage ofRead More →

he bank, said: “Using big data, artificial intelligence and internet technolo gies, we built a platform based on real transactions to meet the financing needs of private enterprises, and realized synergies between finance and industries via smart risk management. “Enterprises need a series of services, including financing, settlement, asset management and sup ply chain management. Our bank is looking to offer comprehensive financial solutions, not just f inancing solutions, so as to join hands with companies in building industrial chains and ecosystems.” Shi Jie, executive vice-president of China Minsheng Banking Corp, said far-reaching changes have taken place in terms of the market and clients inRead More →

The State Council, China’s cabinet, said Wednesday it was necessary to amend laws and suppor ting regulations and policies to ensure the implementation of the foreign investment law. Draft amendments for administrative licensing law, trademark law, construction law and e lectronic signature law were passed Wednesday at a State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang. It was also decided at the meeting to submit the draft amendments to the Standing Comm ittee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, for deliberation, according to a statement after the meeting. Suggestions for revisions include adding the principle of “non-discrimination” in administrative lice nsing,Read More →

 the legislation, including the lack of time available for all the steps it sets out, and had concerns about the precedent it set. Pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker Bill Cash described it as “a constitutional revolution”. “This is a grave moment in our constitutional history. I think the Bill is reprehen sible … I think it is a disgrace that it was brought in,” he told parliament ahead of the votes. It was unclear when the legislation would be debated in the House of Lords, where legislation usually passes more slowly and opponents could seek to filibuster it, but it could be as soon as Thursday. ConservativeRead More →

ational classifications to keep pace with economic and technological development, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The professions include technicians for artificial intelligence, the Inter net of Things, big data and cloud computing, as well as electronic sports specialists, unm anned aerial vehicle pilots, agricultural managers and industrial robot system operators. The ministry said in a statement that with the massive utilization of AI, th e IOT, big data and cloud computing, technicians in these fields are badly needed. As industrial robots replace human labor in more factories in China, operating and maintaining robots are becoming hot professions. The demand forRead More →

Universities in China have reduced their quotas for the independent enrollment of high school graduates. Independent enrollment allows universities to invite students who may not qualify through the traditional route but who have other skills that make them attractive. Wuhan University in Hubei province has reduced the quota for independent enrollment from 350 last year to 192 in 2019. Ce ntral South University in Changsha, Hunan province, reduced its quota from 420 in 2018 to 120 this year. Universities are also cutting back on the preferential treatment of independently enrolled students. For example, China University of Political Science and Law and the University of ScienceRead More →

southern border in February, two and a half times the number they apprehended in February 2018. It is not clear how shutting down ports of entry would deter asylum see kers, as they are legally able to request help as soon as they set foot on US soil. But a border shutdown would disrupt tourism and commerce betwe en the United States and Mexico, which totaled $612 billion last year, according to the US Cen sus Bureau. Nielsen warned that the personnel shift would lead to commercial delays and longer wait times at crossing points. Trump is trying to convince Congress to sign off onRead More →

Chinese business leaders are more confident and prepared in addressing the challenges brought by new technologies than those in many other countries, said Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte Asia-Pacific, a global consultancy firm, on Thursday. While many business leaders in the rest of the world take a protective approach to using technologies, Ch ina’s leaders would like to “disrupt their sectors” and facilitate real changes, Hook said on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia. “Chinese enterprises are looking at the technologies available-whet her it’s artificial intelligence, big data or the like-to actually come up with whole-new busi ness models and whole-new approaches toRead More →