sses the Jialing River with a cable-stayed main span that is 312 meters, connecting the Jiangbei and the Yuzhon g Districts. It’s the world’s longest single plane cable-stayed bridge by the length of main span with one tower. Both are double deck structures carrying four lanes of traffic on their upper decks and two rail lines on their lower decks. Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize awards civil engineering projects that have made great achievements on technological innovation and technological application. The Twin River Bridges are sceneries by themselves while look ing separately and complement each other nicely when looking together, according to its review onRead More →

ational classifications to keep pace with economic and technological development, according to the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security. The professions include technicians for artificial intelligence, the Inter net of Things, big data and cloud computing, as well as electronic sports specialists, unm anned aerial vehicle pilots, agricultural managers and industrial robot system operators. The ministry said in a statement that with the massive utilization of AI, th e IOT, big data and cloud computing, technicians in these fields are badly needed. As industrial robots replace human labor in more factories in China, operating and maintaining robots are becoming hot professions. The demand forRead More →

“If you are not satisfied with your life and don’t know why you have lost your smile; if you are unhappy and don’t like being where you are, go west – with Dali your destination.” These lyrics form part of a song in the Chinese blockbuster movie Breakup Buddies, wh ich was shot mostly in Dali, an attractive city in Yunnan province, and released in 2014. The film inspired many middle-income earners tired of the hustle and bustle of urban life to quit their jobs in big cities and move to Dali. However, unlike in Breakup Buddies, many people’s dreams of finding a better lifeRead More →

The bridge will greatly alleviate traffic burden on the First Beilun River Bridge three kilomet ers away, which was previously the only means of shipping personnel and cargo to or from Dongxing Checkpoint. Statistics from immigration authorities show that 12.19 million people and 47,056 vehicles passed over the old bridge in 2018, far beyond its maximum capacity. The new bridge is now designated for freight vehicles, while the First Be ilun River Bridge is reserved for personnel. This could save 30 minutes or more in custo ms clearance time for each consignment, according to Huang Xiong, deputy chief of Dongxing Customs. 1.jpgIn early 2015, theRead More →

China has lifted pig quarantines in most of the areas where outbreaks of African swine fever have bee n found, signaling a steady slowdown in the spread of the virus, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said on Tuesday. Since the first outbreak of the deadly pig disease was discovered in Au gust in Northeast China’s Liaoning province, 113 cases in 28 provincial-level regions have be en confirmed by the ministry. Restrictions on the transport of pigs in 105 of those cases have been lifted. The ministry has imposed strict quarantine measures in affecte d areas and ramped up supervision of pig farms, transportRead More →

got on the first flight,” said Gulshad Ali from Auckland, New Zeal and. “We just came here to support the family and friends and people who’ve been affected.” Ali said she didn’t know the Mustafas but extended her sympathies to them. Calls of Allahu Akbar could be heard in surrounding streets as guests were led through Islamic prayers.Mourners attend a fu neral for victims of the twin mosque attacks at the Memorial Park cemetery in Christchurch on March 20, 2019. Mourners then emerged from the tent, carrying open wooden bo xes on their shoulders to the burial site where 50 graves have been dug. GuestsRead More →

  sterclass of a photo-op in the Oval Office Thursday with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.   A historian 100 years hence could pull the tape of the 16-minute tour de force and learn everything they needed to know about the Trump presidency.   Trump’s behavior on Thursday offered pointers to how he will attempt to ride out political crosswinds using the uniq ue political tools that made his late-in-life transition from business to Washington so successful.   Thursday’s rebuke from Congress came amid a spell that wo uld have been disastrous for any conventional politician, as legal and congressional probe s suggest tough challenges ahead as special counselRead More →

  On Jan 24, an album, titled China Music House-Kung Hei Fat Choi, was released online as the result of the project.   Six classic Chinese folk music pieces, including Bai Niao Chao Feng (Birds Paying Homage t o the Phoenix), which features the traditional Chinese musical instrument, the suona, have been ada pted and performed by Chinese musicians, including suona player Chen Baoli and erhu player Guo Gan.   Meanwhile, Lu Zhongqiang, the founder of 13 Month Cu ltural Communication, says that besides Chinese musicians, more than 30 mus icians from about 10 countries, including Poland, France and Cuba, have worked on the album.   In the pastRead More →

  okers will offer to dispose of waste at below the market rate.   Brokers charge between $130 and $170 to dump a ton of waste in a sparsely populated part of the country, says Lee, Kim’s former boss.   Not only can this be a lucrative source of income, the fines for illegal dumping are only about $3,000, Lee says.   Lee estimates that Kim pocketed upwards of $22 million this way, judging by the extra trash that was found at his site.   A new dumping ground   Since the China ban, South Korea has been using Southeast Asia as a dumping ground for much of its non-recyclable waste.Read More →

technologies to support farmers to practice sustainable agricultural production. “The combining chance of advanced breeding technologies that makes the seeds smarter and more productive, together with modern crop protection products that are friendlier to the envir onment, coupled with biological technologies that really helps explore the power of microorganisms in the soil, w ith digital tools as integrators, you bring all of these together.” In June 2018, Bayer completed its acquisition of Monsanto, a US seeds and agrochemic als company, and became the world’s largest supplier of seeds and agricultural chemicals. “We are a leader of agriculture,” Madrazo said, “when you look at our new,Read More →