ROME — China and Italy signed here Saturday a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to jointly advance the con struction of the Belt and Road during Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to the country. The two sides welcome the signing of the intergovernmental MoU on jointly advancin g the Belt and Road construction, said a joint communique issued by the two countries. The two sides realize the huge potential of the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) in promoting con nectivity, and stand ready to strengthen the alignment of the BRI and Trans-European Transport Networks and deepen the cooperation in ports, logistics, marine transportation and otherRead More →

gic nature of the China-Italy relations in the long term, and comp rehensively elevate the level of their mutually beneficial cooperation, Xi said. China is willing to enhance high-level guidance with the Italian side, respect each other ‘s major concerns, jointly build the Belt and Road, explore cooperation with third parties, boost cu ltural exchanges and local-level cooperation, and strengthen popular support for bilateral relations, Xi said. The Chinese president stressed that in recent years, China’s National People’s Congress and the Italian Senate have established a regular exchange mechanism. China supports the two countries’ legislative bodies to carry out multi-level, wide-ranging and multi-channel exch angesRead More →

play an active facilitating role, and create better conditions for and inject greater momentum into the development of bilateral relations. The Italian Senate warmly welcomes Xi for his visit, Casellati said, notin g that the Italian and Chinese peoples have always trusted each other and maintained pr ofound friendship, with close ties in such fields as economy and trade, and culture. The Senate speaker said she agrees with Xi on his remarks about the traditional friendly exchanges betwe en the two countries dating back over 2,000 years, published in leading Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera ahead of his visit. China and Italy are major countriesRead More →

After an explosion at a chemical plant killed 47, residents of Xiangshui county in Jiangs u province have flooded centers to donate blood for the severely injured survivors. There were so many people coming in to donate blood that the organizers at one center ran out of application forms, China Daily discovered Friday afternoon. “On average,People wait in line to donate blood at a donation point after a deadly chemical factory blast killed dozens in Xiangshui county in Jiangsu province on Frid ay people have to wait for at least five hours for their turn,” said Meng Xianghua, a me mber of the local laborRead More →

had to quit again as he had to pick up his son from primary school at noon. He joined the line again aft er lunch, but he didn’t have any idea about when his turn will come when China Daily interviewed him at 4:30 pm. There were so many donators that the organizers brought dozens of stools to the site so that people could rest after waiting a long time. Many people also came to Xiangshui People’s Hospital to offer free food and medicine for those hospitalized. Chen Y ueru, a member of local volunteer association, said they have received 2,177 boxes of packed foodRead More →

Chinese squad would be in an even more embarrassing position. “Chinese soccer is no longer among the best in Asia … for a long time now, we have been in th e second tier. Although we call our league the Chinese Super League, the word ‘super’ only exists in the name.” Retired Chinese international Li Yi, who helped Shenzhen win the 2004 CSL title, also expressed his concern online. “The current Thailand national team players are all in their prim e, and they will be strong opponents for Team China for the next few years,” said Li. “Now the old generation of Chinese players isRead More →

of the China Cup in three consecutive years-2-0 to Iceland at the inaugural edition in 2017, and 6-0 to Wales last year. Thursday’s defeat-the first test of newly appointed coach Fabio Canna varo who is also helming CSL side Guangzhou Evergrande-was harder to swallow bec ause Team China had defeated Thailand in the round of 16 at the Asian Cup in the United Arab Emirates in January. The 45-year-old Caannavaro, who took over from compatriot Marcello Lippi last week, has made headlines and triggered controversy because of the dual club-and-country role. “China now has the financial power to bring the best coach to manage itsRead More →

and media need to focus on long term development of Chinese soccer instead of what happens at the tournament. Cannavaro said he sought out the opinion of Lippi, who now serves as an adviser, including player selection. “The China Cup players are all those who had good performances in the previous rounds of the CSL, along with young players,” said Cannavaro. “What we need is a sustainable system that will allow the best coaches all around the world to work here in the future. It’s not a short-term play. It will take time.” “It’s like building a house-the first job is to build a solidRead More →

s creator, a spineless hedgehog recovering by massages, a performer transforming unusual items into musical instrume nts, a restaurant beneath waters opening in Norway, and creating realistic masks replicating your pets’ faces. All the odd and interesting anecdotes from around the world are her e in our review.This one-of-a-kind graphy performance project has seen an artist alt er ego create a series of surreal and wild self-portraits – where everyday objects are stuck all over his face. The absurd works of David Henry Nobody Jr. feature face attachments ranging from ice creams and toothbrushes to hamburger meat and even pictures of Donald Trump. Not stoppingRead More →

The bridge will greatly alleviate traffic burden on the First Beilun River Bridge three kilomet ers away, which was previously the only means of shipping personnel and cargo to or from Dongxing Checkpoint. Statistics from immigration authorities show that 12.19 million people and 47,056 vehicles passed over the old bridge in 2018, far beyond its maximum capacity. The new bridge is now designated for freight vehicles, while the First Be ilun River Bridge is reserved for personnel. This could save 30 minutes or more in custo ms clearance time for each consignment, according to Huang Xiong, deputy chief of Dongxing Customs. 1.jpgIn early 2015, theRead More →