sses the Jialing River with a cable-stayed main span that is 312 meters, connecting the Jiangbei and the Yuzhon g Districts. It’s the world’s longest single plane cable-stayed bridge by the length of main span with one tower. Both are double deck structures carrying four lanes of traffic on their upper decks and two rail lines on their lower decks. Tien-yow Jeme Civil Engineering Prize awards civil engineering projects that have made great achievements on technological innovation and technological application. The Twin River Bridges are sceneries by themselves while look ing separately and complement each other nicely when looking together, according to its review onRead More →

ite remote sensing technologies, in protecting its cultural heritage , according to an official with the National Cultural Heritage Administration (NCHA). Chen Peijun, director of the NCHA’s supervision and inspection department, said in an interview with Xinhua that the administration has been using remote sens ing to monitor some of the country’s key cultural heritage sites and stretches of the Great Wall and their nearby areas. Chen said the administration will also explore the use of other technological means such as the internet, cloud computi ng, big data and drones in the administrative and law enforcement work for cultural heritage protection. He said new technologiesRead More →

en cities around the world and carrying machine components,” noted Mohammad Ehteshami, the former head of engineer ing at GE Aviation who now runs GE Additive, a new business focusing on the latest manufacturing techni ques like 3D printing. “Tomorrow, you won’t need to do all of that. You’ll just print what you need.” At Siemens, additively-manufactured turbine blades can be cooled by complex internal channels, thereby improving their fun ctional efficiency. Such technology now allows novel geometries that were not possible before. According to a report released by the German conglomerate, add itive manufacturing enables rapid prototyping resulting in up to 75 percent ofRead More →

With his exaggerated expressions and inborn sense of humor, Lao Ma, a student from Angola, has become an internet sensation. He has 2.8 million fans on Tik Tok, a video sharing application similar to Plus, he speaks fluent Chinese and has a strong interest in Chinese culture. Although not Chinese, he has a Chinese heart. This 23-year-old African student Clarck Gable (Chinese name Lao Ma) is from Huambo province, Angola. He is currently studying at the School of International Co-education of Nantong Vocational University in Jiangsu province, majoring in computer application technology. In the second half of last year, Clarck and his friends signedRead More →

up China to market vinyls for pop stars such as Jacky Cheung, Karen Mok and Faye Wong, aiming to popularize vinyls among young Chinese buyers. Turntables are designed to appeal to a contemporary lifestyle that is simple and sustainable, Lin says. His company opened a vinyl store, called 33-rpm, in Shenzhen on March 21 , and he has ambitious plans to have outlets in about 200 Chinese cities within the next two years. “When you look at convenience, portability, and all those things, vinyl doesn’t make sense,” he says. “But it is rooted in a passion or love for music. Some people buy vinyls butRead More →

Scientists have for the first time seen clearly the dynamic structure of the receptor of human parathyroid hormone, of which the s ecretion is closely related to diseases including osteoporosis, hypoparathyroidism, and cachexia. The revelation provides valuable insights into discovering novel therap eutics against such diseases, the group of researchers said at a media briefing on Friday. Patients of osteoporosis, who the National Health Commission in October said number nearly 20 percent of Chin ese over the age of 50, need to take medicines stimulating the human parathyroid hormone receptor. As such medicines are polypeptide, they can only be injected rather than being orally taRead More →

China has issued guidelines to ensure the high-quality development of cross-border e-commerce posting and delivery services, a State Post Bureau (SPB) official said on April 11. The guidelines were jointly issued by the SPB, Ministry of Commerc e and General Administration of Customs, SPB official Tu Gang told a press conference. While stressing the significance of cross border delivery services, Tu said weaknesse s remained in aspects such as user experience, security control and international rules. China will launch a whole-process supervision approach on cross-border delivery services and implement security management regulations including real-name receiving and posting, human and machine examination of parcels. China supportsRead More →

ore powerful momentum into the high-quality development of Chengdu,” he said. “We will do everything possible to create a law-based, internationalized business environment with quality services that facilitate and support development of foreign investment projects.” He emphasized the city plays an important role in China’s national agendas such as the Belt and Road Initiati ve, the Yangtze River economic zone development, and the West China development strategy. “A large number of national strategic opportunities have prese nted themselves in Chengdu… Chengdu is now at the frontier of China’s further ope ning-up, which shores up the city’s fast growth in regional competence and influence,” he said.Read More →

 Canalys, said it is possible for Huawei to achieve its ambitious revenue target if it can maintain its current growth rate and everything goes well. “Huawei is also increasing the average selling price of its smartphones and expan ding its presence in the premium segment, which will significantly boost revenue,” Jia said. But the global smartphone market is reaching saturation point, so Huawei has to encroa ch on other smartphone vendors’ market share to maintain a good momentum, Jia added. On Thursday, Yu also unveiled the P30 smartphone series in Shanghai. Priced from 3,988 yuan ($594) in China, the P30 Pro co mes with optimizedRead More →

The first-ever image of a black hole has sucked a Chinese image provider Visual China Group into a “black hole” of its own, after some “we media” players complained that the company put its copyright logo on the image. Just after the black hole image was released on Wednesday, some found the Visual China Gr oup website carried the image with its logo, which means payment is required to use the image. The company released a statement Thursday afternoon that the company gained the ima ge copyright from the Event Horizon Telescope teams for use in media, not for commercial use such as advertisements. MaterialsRead More →