“You are not so fed up on Mrs. Pollzoff that you want to get away from us all, are you?” he demanded. “No, of course not, but I was wondering what his plan was and what happened to it, if anything,” Roberta answered.   “Glad to hear you do not want to leave. Gosh, to lose our only girl sky-pilot would be—unthinkable; but, come to think of it, Howe came to the house to see Dad one day last week, perhaps they are getting it fixed up for you to take on the job. I heard the Old Man   say the Federal representative wouldRead More →

God?””Yes.””That’s a tall order.””Not so tall that you can’t reach.”My waiter appeared. I hesitated for a moment. I orderedtwo coffees. We introduced ourselves. His name was FrancisAdirubasamy. “Please tell me your story,” I said. “You must pay proper attention,” he replied. “I will.” I brought out pen and notepad. “Tell me, have you been to the botanical garden?” heasked. “I went yesterday.””Didyou notice the toy train tracks?””Yes, I did.””A train still runs on Sundays for the amusement of thechildren. But it used to run twice an hour every day. Didyou take note of the names of the stations?””One   is called Roseville. It’s right nextRead More →

Here’s to the Crazy OnesLee Clow, the creative director at Chiat/Day who had done the great “1984” ad for the launch of the Macintosh, was driving in Los Angeles in early July 1997 when his car phone rang.   It was Jobs. “Hi, Lee, this is Steve,” he said. “Guess what? Amelio just resigned. Can you come up here?” Apple was going through a review to select a new agency, and Jobs was not impressed by what he had seen. So he wanted Clow and his firm, by   then called TBWAChiatDay, to compete for the business. “We have to prove that Apple is stillRead More →

It had taken Microsoft a few years to replicate Macintosh’s graphical user interface, but by 1990 it had come out with Windows 3.0, which began the company’s march to dominance in the desktop market. Windows 95, which was released in 1995,   became the most successful operating system ever, and Macintosh sales began to collapse. “Microsoft simply ripped off what other people did,” Jobs later said. “Apple deserved it. After I left, it didn’t invent anything new. The   Mac hardly improved. It was a sitting duck for Microsoft.” His frustration with Apple was evident when he gave a talk to a Stanford Business SchoolRead More →

It was dark and Merry could see nothing as he lay on the ground rolled in a blanket; yet though the night was airless and windless, all about him hidden trees were sighing softly. He lifted his head. Then he heard it again: a sound like faint drums in the wooded hills and mountain-steps. The throb would cease suddenly and then be taken up again at some other point, now nearer, now further off. He wondered if the watchmen had heard it. He could not see them, but he knew that all round him were the companies of the Rohirrim. He could smell the horsesRead More →

If Jobs was prepping for conciliation, it didn’t show in the choice of movie he wanted to see with Murray that night. He picked Patton, the epic of the never-surrender general. But he had lent his copy of   the tape to his father, who had once ferried troops for the general, so he drove to his childhood home with Murray to retrieve it. His parents weren’t there, and he didn’t have a key. They walked around   the back, checked for unlocked doors or windows, and finally gave up. The video store didn’t have a copy of Patton in stock, so in the endRead More →

Sculley’s wife was surprised to see him back in the middle of the day. “I’ve failed,” he said to her forlornly. She was a volatile woman who had never liked Jobs or appreciated her husband’s infatuation with him. So   when she heard what had happened, she jumped into her car and sped over to Jobs’s office. Informed that he had gone to the Good Earth restaurant, she marched over there and confronted him in the parking   lot as he was coming out with loyalists on his Macintosh team. “Steve, can I talk to you?” she said. His jaw dropped. “Do you have anyRead More →

When Yü-ts’un heard their appeal, he flew into a fiery rage. “What!” he exclaimed. “How could a case of such gravity have taken place as the murder of a man, and the culprits have been allowed to run away scot-free, without being arrested? Issue warrants, and despatch constables to at once lay hold of the relatives of the bloodstained criminals and bring them to be examined by means of torture.” Thereupon he espied a Retainer, who was standing by the judgment-table, wink at him, signifying that he should not issue the warrants. Yü-t’sun gave way to secret suspicion, and felt compelled to desist. Withdrawing fromRead More →

Pao-yü, having concluded his scrutiny of her, put on a smile and said, “This cousin I have already seen in days gone by.” “There you are again with your nonsense,” exclaimed lady Chia, sneeringly; “how could you have seen her before?” “Though I may not have seen her, ere this,” observed Pao-yü with a smirk, “yet when I look at her face, it seems so familiar, and to my mind, it would appear as if we had been old acquaintances; just as if, in fact, we were now meeting after a long separation.” “That will do! that will do!” remarked dowager lady Chia; “such beingRead More →

There was also a pair of scrolls consisting of black-wood antithetical tablets, inlaid with the strokes of words in chased gold. Their burden was this: On the platform shine resplendent pearls like sun or moon, And the sheen of the Hall fa?ade gleams like russet sky. Below, was a row of small characters, denoting that the scroll had been written by the hand of Mu Shih, a fellow-countryman and old friend of the family, who, for his meritorious services, had the hereditary title of Prince of Tung Ngan conferred upon him. The fact is that madame Wang was also not in the habit of sittingRead More →