that rejecting May’s deal could see Brexit delayed indefinitely. The promises moved some previously resistant Brexit-backers to support the deal. Former Forei gn Secretary Boris Johnson — a likely contender to replace May as Conservative Party leader — twe eted that rejecting it risked “being forced to accept an even worse version of Brexit or losing Brexit altogether.” But the Democratic Unionist Party in Northern Ireland, with 10 seats in the House of Commons, has refused to back the agreement because it treats Northern Ireland differently from the rest of the UK. Parliament voted on the legally binding, 585-page withdrawal agreement that May agreed uponRead More →

The top court on Wednesday ruled in favor of a French global automotive supplier in a patent dispute with two Chinese car accessory companies amid the country’s intensified efforts to protect intellectual property rights. It was also the first public hearing by the Intellectual Property Court of the Supreme People’s Court since the special court was set up on Jan 1. Valeo Systemes d’Essuyage, one of the world’s leading auto component providers, sued X iamen Lukasi Car Accessories Co and Xiamen Fuke Wiper Co, two companies based in Fujian pro vince, claiming infringement of Valeo’s patent on a connector for windshield wipers. An IP courtRead More →

Linshui county of Guang’an, Sichuan province, a transport truck carrying 150  pigs, nine of them dead, was seized at a toll station. It was the second case in March after an outbreak that killed 20 pigs on a breeding farm in the Guangxi Zhuang autonomous region was confirmed on March 7. The next step, Yu said, is to maintain the momentum of the ongoing disease preven tion and control measures and strengthen oversight over the slaughtering sector. On Friday, the ministry launched checks on slaughterhouses nationwide and ordered them to carry out self-inspections. Yu stressed the need to secure supplies of live pigs and porkRead More →

  ribed the current situation as an ongoing ‘border security and humanitarian crisis,’” Boyd adds. “The cris is at the border … may qualify as an emergency even though it, too, is not entirely new.”   Twelve Republican senators banded together Thursday to deliver the f orceful rebuke after expressing concerns that Trump’s use of the national emergency decla ration as an end-run around Congress violates the separation of powers and sets a bad precedent that a woul d-be future Democratic president could follow to unilaterally drive their agenda.   The White House sought to pare back Republican defections leading up to the vote, with the President andRead More →

  okers will offer to dispose of waste at below the market rate.   Brokers charge between $130 and $170 to dump a ton of waste in a sparsely populated part of the country, says Lee, Kim’s former boss.   Not only can this be a lucrative source of income, the fines for illegal dumping are only about $3,000, Lee says.   Lee estimates that Kim pocketed upwards of $22 million this way, judging by the extra trash that was found at his site.   A new dumping ground   Since the China ban, South Korea has been using Southeast Asia as a dumping ground for much of its non-recyclable waste.Read More →

  alluci elaborated in a call arranged by the Stimson Center. He worried Trump would go along with a Chinese and Russian proposal “that we give up joint ex ercises with the ROK in exchange for the North Koreans giving up furthe r testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.”   There had been some concern that the US would sign off on a formal end to hostiliti es with North Korea and, as a result, Trump would agree to pull US troops from the Korean Peninsula.   The President had claimed that the removal of US troops from South Korea was not on the ta ble, butRead More →

  President Donald Trump said Friday he intends to nominate the current Ame rican ambassador to Canada to be the new US ambassador to the United Nations.   Trump tweeted on Friday evening that he plans to nominate Kelly Knight Craft for the position, following former Ambassador Nikki Haley‘s resignation last year.   ”I am pleased to announce that Kelly Knight Craft, our current Ambassador to Canada, is be ing nominated to be United States Ambassador to the United Nations,” Trump wrote on Twitter.   He followed up in a second tweet, saying, “Kelly has done an outst anding job representing our Nation and I have no doubt that,Read More →

m in business opportunities, and other factors such as urbanization are having a positive effect on consumer spending. It is very likely for the government to further open the Chinese economy to foreign investment. Although the external econ mic situation is complex, China is moving quickly to push forward a draft law amendment that supports the co ncept of pre-establishment national treatment, which will encourage fair competition between foreign and do mestic businesses. Such measures will give foreign investors more opportunities to share China’s growth dividend. China is at a critical point in its economic restructuring and rising up the value chain. If foreign companiesRead More →

CANBERRA – Australian Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment Simon Birmingham has said he has confidence tha t the relationship between Australia and China will continue to prosper in 2019 in his Chinese New Year Message. In a statement confirmed by the Australian embassy in China on Friday, Birmingham e xtended his “best wishes of health, happiness, success and prosperity to everyone who is celebrating the Lunar New Year”. “With over 1.2 million people of Chinese heritage living in Australia, it is a s pecial time for many communities and families across our nation,” he said. “As the Australian Minister for Trade, I am veryRead More →

Hebei handan guangping 4 xiaoyu (a pseudonym) and wavelet (a pseudonym), 6, lost in the message, since January 23, brush screen in the locals circle of friends.After the incident, the two ch ildren’s family entrust others undertakes putting “, “said 23 around two o ‘clock in the afternoon, two children together in guangping Jin Zhuang village west in play, more than 4 PM in the day, the parents found the missing child.Family members say, the ch ild lost after they have been looking for, hope that the man took the child and contact them. North green to the reporter understands, called the police after childrenRead More →