d with their body shape are those who might be susceptible to obesity or other risks, studies indicate the vast majority of wo men who engage in “fat talk” can be ranked “average” and “healthy” when it comes to their weight. Zhang Ran, 28, a senior consultant in the Beijing office of multinational professio nal services company Ernst & Young, said she was a “fat talker” when she was a college student. “I felt comfortable when I discovered I was not the only one who was un happy about my body shape. But then I began to understand that it has nothing to do withRead More →

ford University in California, Singer focused on the school’s sailing program, even though the girl had no experience in the sport. She was admitted to Stanford in 2017, but was not recruited to the sailing program. A few weeks after their daughter’s admission, the Zhaos paid $6.5 million to Singer, who a ppears to have kept the bulk of the money for himself. Former Stanford sailing coach John Vandemoer rec eived only $500,000 in connection with Zhao Yusi’s admission. He has pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit racketeering. Stanford spokesman Ernest Miranda said that a student’s admission was rescinded last month because of false materialRead More →

organ Stanley China, said this age group will be a main driver of the consumption upgrade in the next decade, with consum ption in third- and fourth-tier cities expected to reach 45 trillion yuan in 2030, compared with 15 trillion yuan in 2017. There were estimated to be about 112 million small-town youths in China last year, according to mobile internet industry consultancy iiMedia Research. Chen Ke, a senior partner with global consultancy Roland Berger, said that with lower housing prices in third- and fourth-tier c ities, small-town youths have sizable disposable income and are more willing to spend a larger proportion of th eirRead More →

ince to introduce more special tourist routes with local features and offer even better services to foreign visitors. He sugg ested more foreign tourists tour and enjoy the rich Lingnan (South China) culture, cuisines and scenic spots. Guangdong earned 1.36 trillion yuan ($203 billion) from tourism in 2018, a year-on-year increa se of 13.5 percent. The province attracted more than 37.47 million tourists who stayed in the prov ince at least one night in the previous year, up 2.8 percent compared to the year before. Qi Yaoming, a senior executive from Guangzhou Baiyun Internat ional Airport, said the 144-hour visa-free policy will help attract moreRead More →

 that they are supposed to pay for themselves, and they should not embezzle funds for other purposes, it said. Research projects that require external help should be made public at the university. If there are profits involved between the research leader and external organizations, they should first sign a contract and submit it to the university, it said. University administrative staff should not seek profits or advantages in applying for and allocating research funds, the ministry said. Researchers should be held responsible for misuse of research funds. T heir research projects will be suspended, their research funds will be recovered and th ey will beRead More →

With his exaggerated expressions and inborn sense of humor, Lao Ma, a student from Angola, has become an internet sensation. He has 2.8 million fans on Tik Tok, a video sharing application similar to Musical.ly. Plus, he speaks fluent Chinese and has a strong interest in Chinese culture. Although not Chinese, he has a Chinese heart. This 23-year-old African student Clarck Gable (Chinese name Lao Ma) is from Huambo province, Angola. He is currently studying at the School of International Co-education of Nantong Vocational University in Jiangsu province, majoring in computer application technology. In the second half of last year, Clarck and his friends signedRead More →

and Taiwan is an inseparable part of the whole,” he said. “If Lai continues to pursue his selfish goal by playing with the fire known as Taiwan secession, it is very dangerous. Separating Taiwan will only bring calamity to its people.” Tang Yonghong, deputy director of the Taiwan Research Center at Xiamen Univ ersity, said Taiwan’s current administration has failed to improve the island’s economy and people’s livelih oods, so it has to trump up security issues and turn to external forces to win support for the upcoming election. “Taiwan’s current administration knows it cannot achieve independence by itself, so it has to r elyRead More →

deputy general manager, the city’s sound economic environment, systematic industri al outlay, huge market potential and vast talent pool have given it a unique edge in information technology. In February Shanghai announced a 5G deployment program in Hongqiao Railway S tation, where users will be able to watch live broadcasts of town hall meetings and avail of lightning-quick do wnloads of high-resolution movies, when mobile devices such as 5G-powered phones and tablets become available. Aside from speed, 5G also enables high-definition transmissions in real time (which means low latency) and will bolster development in the internet of things industry. Inflammables carried by a passenger causedRead More →

China will unveil various measures to improve transport efficiency and lower logistics costs, according to a spokesperson for the transport ministry. Vowing to see a notable increase in transport efficiency in the next three years, the country will accelerate the construction of a comprehensive tra nsport network, spokesperson Wu Chungeng told a news conference on March 28. Efforts will also be made to expand the electronic toll collection system and promote multimodal transport, Wu said. Meanwhile, the logistics costs are expected to be reduced by 120.9 billion yuan (about $17.97 bil lion) in 2019, and a logistics service system in line with the country’s high-qualityRead More →

ow works in the village as a manager of the dendrobium planting base. “It’s wonderful that our village has an industry now, so I don’t have to leave my hometown anymor e. Life is much more comfortable than in the past,” said Chen, adding that she now earns a monthly salary of more than 3,000 yuan ($446). She can also cycle to work in just a few minutes and can take care of her two children and elderly mother-in-law. “Without competing with agriculture, planting the dendrobium can liberate good fields,” Chen said. “Without harming the grass or trees, we can achieve harmonious coexistence. High mouRead More →