preferred by travelers for the four-day vacation. In most cases, it takes travelers under five hours to get to their destinations. In addition Shanghai’s Disney theme park, Guangzhou’s Chimelong Safari Park and Cho ngqing’s Hongyadong were predicted to be the hottest three tourist attractions on the Chinese mainland. Two thousand years ago, the ancient Silk Road opened the door for Chengdu to connect with th e rest of the world. Now, fueled by the Belt and Road Initiative, the city again stands at the forefront of ope ning-up, developing its industries, creating value and making innovations on the global stage. The first freight train fromRead More →

e protection zone, which lies within 15 meters of the shoreline, they were demolished, and she will be compensated by local authorities. However, Wang said she does not believe the money can make up for her losses. She has debts of 3 million yuan – mostly borrowed from relatives and friends. She said she regretted moving to Dali to pursue an idyllic life. While some are not happy that they moved, others are glad they made the transition from big-city life. Yang Yi, 48, who operates a restaurant in Dali’s ancient walled city, arrived eight years ago fr om Chongqing after falling in love withRead More →

ue the set course of opening-up, so as to maintain domestic growth momentum and contribute more to the world economy. China will step up efforts to diversify export markets and actively expand im ports, Li said. To better attract foreign investment, China will further relax controls over market access, shorten the ne gative list for foreign investment, and permit wholly foreign funded enterprises to operate in more sectors, Li added. The country will further align the policies with international trade rules, enhance policy transparency and consistency in imple mentation, and create a fair market environment where Chinese and foreign companies are treated equally, Li said.Read More →

  SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule, its first spacecraft designed to carry humans, took flight for the first time Saturday.   An uncrewed demonstration mission took off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida early Saturd ay for the International Space Station. NASA tweet ed early Sunday that it had attached to the International Space Station.   ”Capture confirmed!” it said.   The successful launch without people puts SpaceX one step closer to an historic landmark: Crew Dragon could be the first commercially built sp acecraft to carry NASA astronauts to orbit. And Crew Dragon — along with a capsule called Sta rliner built by Boeing — could end the UnitedRead More →

South Korean actress appearance level can say the same, but there are still a lot of appearance level is different from a n ormal star.Remember lee da hae?She was Japanese Korean drama “my girl”, also in China’s development is good, the a udience agreed that is pure goddess, but now a new portrait of her exposure, let the fans did not recognize. Lee da hae made his debut as has more than ten years old Korean stars, have alr eady accumulated a lot of popularity, though not a staggering levels in appearance, but it was because she grew t o a pure face, got aRead More →

Beijing time on January 23, Lady Gaga in response to an Oscar nomination – slept, kno w immediately after tears.Oscar nominations announced yesterday, Gaga with “a star is born” nominated for best actr ess and best song, but she didn’t watch live, because she has been very busy recently, so you need to sleep. Gaga nominated woke up three hours have p assed, she call agent, the first thing to do is know after his nomination in sobs.Curious reporters from started bo mbing congratulations message didn’t wake up at dawn Gaga?She said “I went to sleep and nothing can wake me”. Gaga says blessing meaningRead More →

  Beijing time on January 22 afternoon, according to the various media messages, the premier league club Cardiff city new signings Sarah confirm lost in plane.It is reported that the plane carrying two people, including Sarah herself an d the pilot, there are two helicopters is a search and rescue work, but so far there is no any news!   On January 20, Cardiff city officially announced the signing of French fc nantes Sa ra, worth up to 17 million euros, Cardiff city club record transfer fee record, the two sides signed a contract until the summer of 2022.Sar ah,, 28, the nationality, on behalf of theRead More →

Du Meixia, daughter of Du Yuesheng, a Shanghai “Green Band” tycoon, died in Taiwan recently and will be buried with his mother-in-law Meng Xiaodong, according to Taiwanese media. Du Meixia is the daughter of Du Yuesheng, the leader of the Qing Gang in Shanghai. Her mother-in-law is Meng Xiaodong, a famous Beijing opera actress. She also served as the chairman of the Meng Xiaodong Women’s National Opera Award Foundation and trained Beijing Opera talents. Taiwan’s China Times reported on January 8 that Du Meixia had died of illness in Taiwan at the age of 88. Du Meixia (right) and Meng Xiaodong (left) (photo source: TaiwanRead More →

Lingao 1 man was fired to hate, smashed the company villa security room property and fled, and then poisoned cleaners were sentenced to four years. Fortunately, the cleaners found no and then the results were unthinkable. Netizens commented on this: Learn to be a man first! On June 9, 2017, Jiang Moyong was dismissed for some reason. Houjiang Moyong always cherished hatred and fled after smashing the property of the security room in the company villa area with a stick. At about 1:00 a.m. the next day, Jiang Moyong returned to the place where he had been hit again. While nobody was there, he wentRead More →

Ravi?”Ravi nodded vigorously. “Piscine?”I nodded even more vigorously. He kept his eyes on me. I nodded so hard I’m surprised my neck didn’t snap andmy head fall to the floor. I would like to say in my own defence that though I mayhave anthropomorphized the animals till they spoke fluentEnglish, the pheasants complaining in uppity British accents oftheir tea being cold and the baboons planning their bankrobbery getaway in the flat, menacing tones of Americangangsters, the fancy was always conscious. I quite deliberatelydressed wild animals in tame costumes of my imagination. But Inever deluded myself as to the real nature of my playmates. My pokingRead More →