f infrastructure to dispose of domestic waste and hazardous solid waste. State-owned banks wi ll contribute some of the funding needed as the two-year pilot program moves forward, Zhuang said. “We hope governments of provincial regions enhance their support of these pilot areas a nd also encourage them to launch their own pilot programs if their conditions permit,” he said. The State Council unveiled the “no-waste city” pilot plan in January, aiming to minimize gen eration of waste, maximize its utilization, safely dispose of solid waste and reduce landfills. It also pledged to establish an index system for “no-waste cities” and an institutional and technicalRead More →

ities for UK and China businesses transitioning from investment and infras tructure into an operating phase where British service providers can really benefit. As a matter of fact, many UK companies have already started to profit by playing an active part in projects in the countries involved the Belt and Road Initiative. UK engineering consultancy Mott MacDonald has been working with PetroChina in Iraq and the UAE, especially in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, for more than 10 years. The Chinese project has h elped Mott MacDonald make $6-10 million in fee revenue each year over the past decade, said Martin Tai, energy div ision generalRead More →

nline English-language courses for children saw an explosive growth in 20 18, according to a report released by data-monitoring firm Trustdata on Tuesday. The report on China’s online English education market for children s hows that the market had more than 15 million users last year, up 168.3 percent year-on-ye ar. It’s expected that the market size would surpass 50 billion yuan ($7.3 billion) in 2019. The market pattern of one-on-one teaching has been gradually for med and the top brands have secured the lion’s share of the market, as per the report. Market size doubles in one year The market size of online English-languageRead More →

inesses and consumers will pay the cost amid hefty levies, which will eventually add significant pressure on the US economy. The US government’s moves risk sparking a full-blown trade war with China, and China is fully prepared for any possibility, Wei said. Economists at Goldman Sachs said in a research note that recent data showed the costs of Washington’s tariffs on China last year had fallen “entirely” on US businesses and households, with no clear reduction in prices charged by Chinese exporters. The bank said that US consumer prices are higher, partly because Chinese exporters have not low ered their prices to better compete inRead More →

cratism and practicing formalism for formalism’s sake and to guide Party me mbers to keep the Party’s commitments in mind, it added.The global eco nomy is undergoing very large structural shifts, driven by three mega-trends. One is the digital transformation of th e foundations on which economies are built and run. Another is the growing purchasing power and economic strength of e merging economies, China in particular. And third, there are broad-based political economy trends, which inclu de rising nationalism, various forms of populism, political and social polarization, and a possible breakdown of the multilateral framework within which the global economy has functioned since theRead More →

ent Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad’s championing of Asian values as the ideal way to govern their countries. Lee and Mahathir maintained that in Asia, social order and strong governance are keys to a stable and wealthy society. This type of governance succeeded in fostering rapid growth in Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and China. Sant arita said strong Asian leaders are effective because they serve their constituents and value mutual respect and discipline. Analysts said the Asian emphasis on community and harmony can help resolve some of the wo rld’s most pressing international issues such as territorial disputes, climate change and sustainable economic development. SantaritaRead More →

Zhang Xin, associate professor at the School of Psychological and Cognitive Science at Peking Uni versity in Beijing, believes “fat talk” may be a way of expressing that “we all share feelings of insecu rity”.In China, “fat” has become a word that women will do almost anything to avoid being associated with. This is not surpris ing, given that being slim as a beauty ideal has become the subject of countless newspaper stories, TV comm ercials and movies, resulting in the almost universal correlation between a slim figure and beauty. “Women are more likely than men to enjoy chatting with their peers about weight concernsRead More →

World Trade Organization was being negotiated, China’s economy was ti ny as a portion of world GDP. It was clearly a poor, less-developed country that, except in a f ew areas, was not able to compete with Western companies in high-value-added products. As Alexander Hamilton, the first US Treasury secretary, argued, a developing country may need to p rotect its “infant industries” from already established foreign competitors. This was the policy foll owed by the US in the 19th century and by Western Europe, Japan, and South Korea in the years after World War II. China is no longer a poor country. It can noRead More →

gime of intellectual property rights protection. Again, this is what foreign negotiat ors are seeking, but also is important for China’s own economy as it transitions to being a technology leader. Trade agreements can affect the types of goods being traded and they can redirect trade toward one c ountry, away from others. They cannot directly affect any country’s worldwide current account bal ance. A country that saves less than it invests will have to borrow foreign funds to import foreign goods to make up that difference. There are two ways to reduce the US trade deficit. A serious recession would reduce investme nt, butRead More →

mittees, many of them are loosely organized and incapable of ethical inspect ions to ensure people’s lives and health in cases of highly risky clinical trials, he said. Zhai of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences said existing regulations for oversight of the life sciences come from various government departments and don’t sufficiently deter violations. “Higher-level legislation is needed to establish law to hold violators criminally accountable and deter any similar behavior,” she said. Uber Technologies Inc’s conservative initial public offering could not keep its shares from s inking in their trading debut on Friday, fueling debate on Wall Street over whether the outcome ofRead More →