of stock index futures. At present, onshore stock index futures are unavailable to overseas invest ors, and they can only hedge risks associated with investing in A shares through offshore instruments. “After the stock index futures market opens up, investor bases will dive rsify, helping China’s capital market achieve a higher efficiency in asset pricing,” Wang sai d, adding that capital market reform and opening-up is part of China’s moves to promote quality development. “One of the key priorities this year is to accelerate the development o f direct financing and the capital market, to strengthen the capital market’s capacity to pr omote economic growth,”Read More →

and scope of influence in developing relations with Pacific island cou ntries, and will be good friends and partners trusted by them forever, Xi said on Tue sday. Xi made the remarks while meeting with visiting Vanuatu Prime Minister Charlot Salwai in Beijing. The Chi na-Vanuatu relationship has become a good example of relations between China and Pacific island countries, Xi s aid, adding political mutual trust between the two countries keeps d eepening and exchanges and cooperation in various fields continue to expand. Xi said the country appreciates Vanuatu resolutely adhering to the one-C hina policy, and supports it independently choosing the development pathRead More →

States, China has achieved extraordinary economic transformation over the past four decades. An d as China’s economy has transformed, so has the size and make-up of its equity market. FTSE Russell CEO Mark Makepeace said the company will continue to work with global customers and provi de benchmark indexes and analysis solutions to promote investment in Chinese stocks and fixed-income products. A British climber too weak to descend from Mount Qomolangma – know n as Everest in the West – died on Saturday, officials said, the eighth climber to die on the world’s tallest mountain and the 18th in Nepal’s Himalayas during the current climbingRead More →

tion Forum, a major annual event in Shanghai for exchanges on science and technology innovation between China and the rest of the world. Nearly 150 gues t speakers from 23 countries and regions will make speeches at 16 different forums through Sunday at this year’s event. All China’s administrative villages are expected to enjoy delivery services by 2022, according to the country’s postal service regulator. Besides, there will be delivery service outlets in every township across China, one o f the goals outlined in a guideline to leverage postal services to vitalize the rural areas. About 74.9 percent of the country villages still don’t haveRead More →

Chinese scientists have developed two possible vaccines for the African swine fever virus, the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences announced on Friday. The research was led by Harbin Veterinary Research Institute, in Harbin, Heilongjiang province, which is affiliated to the academy. Researchers have determined the minimum amount required to produce adequate immunization, and hav e proved they are safe when used in large quantity and repetitively, the academy said, adding more research and tests are nee ded before the vaccines can be submitted to authorities for inspection and approval. Currently there is no effective vaccine for African swine fever, although research and development of potentialRead More →

oping countries in the Eastern and Western hemispheres, and both are important emergi ng markets. The two countries have a common wish and great potential for development, he said, ad ding that both countries are important forces for promoting a multilateral world. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties 45 years ago, relations between China and Brazil have achieved fruitful outcomes, Xi said. The president said it is a critical period for the two countries, and they s hould forge ahead, and each side should deem the other as a partner for development. Xi called on the two countries to respect, trust and support each otherRead More →

Tibetan alpine rescuers successfully rescued an Australian climber experienci ng critical health problems at an altitude of 7,500 meters on the northern slop e of Mount Qomolangma – known as Everest in the West – according to the Tibet Mountaineering Association. The stranded climber was discovered Wednesday at 7 pm by a four-person mountai neering crew from the Tibet Himalaya Expedition Co on their way back from repair work. On their journey they found the climber in a state of physical exhaustion, out of consciousness, and in critical condition. The team reported the situation to Qomolangma Base Camp, and the liaison offic er ordered theRead More →

that enterprises in any country will not disregard their own interests and blindly follow other countries’ “political command”. “Most countries have always been highly alert to US government acts of resorting to state power to crack down on companies in other countries, disrupt m arkets and obstruct mutually beneficial cooperation between other countries,” Lu said. But the positive development is also accompanied by some concerns. A string of Japanese carriers, including NTT Docomo, said they were also considering delaying the launch of Huawei’s new sma rtphones. Their hesitance is due to uncertainty about Google’s previous announcement that it would restrict H uawei’s access to updatesRead More →

China’s Ministry of Education issued an urgent notice to schools on Friday to prevent “gaokao immigration”. “Gaokao immigrants” refers to those individuals who lack a hukou (household registration) or student status in a pro vince but still attend the gaokao, the National College Entrance Examination, in that province. The ministry required local authorities to ensure that the exam-free access to near by primary and secondary schools is universally available for school-age children. High schools should strictly follow the admission procedures and policies, said the ministry, adding they are banned from vying for ace students in violation of regulations. nanj419snlt.comRead More →

births, said the government statistics.The communique also reported improvements in medi cal reform as more people seek treatment at primary-level clinics and the number of medical workers in China increases. People’s right to social security, especially in healthcare, has been extended, said a white paper titled “Progr ss in Human Rights over the 40 Years of Reform and Opening Up in China,” published in 2018. The coverage of the basic medical insurance has been expanding and the per capit a basic medical insurance subsidy for urban and rural residents has been rising, it said. China has been promoting the Healthy China initiative, which aims toRead More →