real name-”the most hardcore cat lover” for building the AI cat shelter. The wooden box, 165 centimeters tall, is cozy with a small entry. Inside is a multil evel cat den with a scratching post, plush resting places, dangling toys and hideaways. The access control system features AI facial recognition technology. A high-definition camera on top can identify 174 kinds of cats and let them enter or exit as they wish. It has night vision to let in any ginger toms or gray tabbies wandering by at night. The camera can check cats for four common feline diseases, including inflammation of the mout h andRead More →

percent of the nation’s primary energy demand by 2020, according to the commission. “Demand for gas has surged in China in recent years, which has posed a pot ential threat to the country’s energy security. Underground gas storage, on the other hand, could w ell meet the peak for gas consumption and is a necessary part of the natural gas industrial chain,” he said. “Sufficient storage facilities and competent peak load regulation capacity is necessary for a stable supply of natural gas.” According to Zhang, major gas consumers around the world have set up gas storage sy stems, with gas in storage contributing more thanRead More →

  sterclass of a photo-op in the Oval Office Thursday with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar.   A historian 100 years hence could pull the tape of the 16-minute tour de force and learn everything they needed to know about the Trump presidency.   Trump’s behavior on Thursday offered pointers to how he will attempt to ride out political crosswinds using the uniq ue political tools that made his late-in-life transition from business to Washington so successful.   Thursday’s rebuke from Congress came amid a spell that wo uld have been disastrous for any conventional politician, as legal and congressional probe s suggest tough challenges ahead as special counselRead More →

ind out what happens to the girl who eats too many bananas… It sounds like the tagline to a cheesy B- movie. But with the incredible worldwide popularity of bananas – they are grown in 107 cou ntries and represent the fourth most valuable crop globally – it’s smart to take a deeper look at their nutritional make-up. And since there can be too much of any good thing, stick with us to the end to find out just how many bananas are too many. China will continue to propose laws and regulations to further guide and manage research ethics and academic integrity, Minister ofRead More →

ted the talks with a down-to-earth attitude without getting too obs essed with their differences and thus have been able to make substantive progress. Cooperation benefits both, confrontation hurts not just both, but also the entire world. This, among other things, is an inherent part of the broad picture of Sino-US relations. Given the impact both economies have on the world economy and their bilateral relations on the world political situation, it is imperative the politicians of both coun tries adopt a global perspective when making policies concerning bilateral ties. Keeping the bigger picture in mind and adopting a global perspective will enable them toRead More →

  But what about the trash that has already been dumped in South Korea — such as the smoldering heap in Uiseong?   The government has said it will relax regulations on incineration to allow for disposal, but that move has not thrilled environmental groups.   Kim Mi-kyung, of Greenpeace Korea, says incineration “creates various environmental and health problems like greenhouse gases and toxic substances.”   ”If we expand the (use of) incinerators, the plastic use will expand with it, because it w ill be easy to just burn them,” she says, adding that the problem needs to be tackled at the production level.   South Korea is one ofRead More →

technologies to support farmers to practice sustainable agricultural production. “The combining chance of advanced breeding technologies that makes the seeds smarter and more productive, together with modern crop protection products that are friendlier to the envir onment, coupled with biological technologies that really helps explore the power of microorganisms in the soil, w ith digital tools as integrators, you bring all of these together.” In June 2018, Bayer completed its acquisition of Monsanto, a US seeds and agrochemic als company, and became the world’s largest supplier of seeds and agricultural chemicals. “We are a leader of agriculture,” Madrazo said, “when you look at our new,Read More →

ent inspection, found that is located in fangshan district Zhu oXiu north street green space yue mansion project marketing center is a N oah’s ark of Beijing star original create asset management co., LTD., set up without authorization, not the project d evelopment enterprise green group Beijing Beijing real estate co., LTD., established the record sales.Law en forcement officers on the spot to shut down the marketing center, and demanded that the star was to create a r emoval of publicity materials, demolition of marketing assets company sign. The commission for the figure of Beijing Survey found that star in March 2016 the original createRead More →

  Two years old boy, Hu Lun slightly.(photo: the UK, the daily mail website)   Xinhua Beijing on January 20 (xinhua cuckoo) a two year old boy in malaga, southern Spain, 13 provinces tota tow n fell into a deep well.Due to the well’s mouth is very narrow, local time, rescue by 18, has been 6 days.   Rescue workers are hard to find signs of life, bu t he never gave up hope, drill a tunnel nearby location, in order to save the boy.   On the sixth day   Two years old boy, Hu Lun Rosetta slightly, 13 to accompany the family to the tota town visit aRead More →

Du Meixia, daughter of Du Yuesheng, a Shanghai “Green Band” tycoon, died in Taiwan recently and will be buried with his mother-in-law Meng Xiaodong, according to Taiwanese media. Du Meixia is the daughter of Du Yuesheng, the leader of the Qing Gang in Shanghai. Her mother-in-law is Meng Xiaodong, a famous Beijing opera actress. She also served as the chairman of the Meng Xiaodong Women’s National Opera Award Foundation and trained Beijing Opera talents. Taiwan’s China Times reported on January 8 that Du Meixia had died of illness in Taiwan at the age of 88. Du Meixia (right) and Meng Xiaodong (left) (photo source: TaiwanRead More →