ipation ever of Nobel Prize winners, with four on the team They were Arieh Warshel, the 2013 Nobel Prize winner in chem istry; Edvard I. Moser, the 2014 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; Konstantin Novoselov, the 2010 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or medicine; and Michael Young, the 2017 Nobel Prize winner in physiology or med icine. These four were also joined by Les Valiant, the 2010 Turing Prize winner. The survey was conducted by the International Tal ents magazine. The organizer and Dataway provided data analysis of the survey. China Daily cons tructed the official website for the survey and reported on theRead More →

Tujia.com, a Chinese online platform for booking shared accommoda tion, will beef up its presence in overseas markets, such as Japan and Southeast Asia, which are esp ecially favored by Chinese travelers, as it strives to boost its revenue in 2019 by 100 percent year-on-year. “We will continue to increase investments in overseas mark ets, such as establishing branches or subsidiaries in popular tourist destinations and coop erating with local home-sharing service providers,” said Yang Changle, CEO of Tujia. “Our revenue has increased 15 times in the past two years, and the trading volume ac counted for more than half of the industry’s total turnover,Read More →

  should maintain regular communication with its EU partners, seek mutual benefits and use innovative mechanisms to realize better cooperation.   Tian Dewen, deputy director general of the Institute of European Studies of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences   Sino-EU cooperation has great potential   As one of the world’s three largest economies and a strong driving force of multilateralism, the EU is an important cooperation partner of China in fields such as free trade, international issues and global governance.   Xi’s visit to the three EU member states shows a great potential for China-EU coope ration is still to be tapped. The EU’s wish to deepen cooperation with ChinaRead More →

irworthiness, after looking into the matter, the administration decided to suspend Boe ing 737 MAX 8 airworthiness certifications immediately,” the Civil Aviation Administration of China said in a sta tement unveiled on Tuesday, adding that the ongoing investigation had not ruled out design flaws in the aircraft. “A certificate is granted by the country’s regulator after an aircraft has been inspected and meets the requirements for safe operation,” said Li Xiaojin, a professor of aviation economics at Civil Aviatio n University in Tianjin, “It’s a long process to determine whether an aircraft is airworthy.” It took Boeing 15 months to get an airworthiness certificate forRead More →

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has led major financial companies in London to move assets and staff to continental Europe, mea ning the post-Brexit landscape is likely to be far more “polycentric” than it is today and far less centered on one location. According to a recent report by think tank The New Financial, more than 40 companies have shifted staff or oper ations to more than one financial center within the EU, with 100 choosing the Irish capital as a post-Brexit location, whi ch was the most popular choice ahead of Luxembourg, with 60, Paris with 41, Frankfurt with 40,Read More →

cosmetics to luxury bags during the livestreaming. I would show 20 to 30 pieces of clothing to my consumers each time,” Zhang said. “Livestreaming has helped increase daily visits to my store and significantly grew sales.” According to a report released by China Tech Insights, a research unit affiliated with Tencent’s Online Media Group, it is more th an likely that livestreaming will become a standard feature of all e-commerce platforms in China in the near future. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Italy in 1970, bilateral relations have developed rapidly bearing fruitful results in various fiel ds. Italy is one ofRead More →

ASTANA – The Kazakh parliament approved a bill to rename the capital of Kazakhstan a fter former President Nursultan Nazarbayev on Wednesday at a joint meeting of its two houses. The bill was passed in two readings and the decision was announced by Nurlan Nigmatul in, speaker of the lower house of the Kazakh parliament, state news agency Kazinform reported. At the initiative of the new interim president, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, it was dec ided to change the name of the capital from Astana to Nursultan without a referendum. Earlier in the day, Tokayev took office as Kazakhstan’s interim president following the sud den resignation ofRead More →

er Cube, but he was not totally satisfied with his 10m platform synchro. “It was not great race today, but we were better than we did in last leg in Japan. We did 387.93 in last race and today we were 400.86. “Lee Matthew and I are rather new pair since we have trained togethe r for only four months. Every competition is a learning opportunity. I believe we will get bette r after we compete in the next legs in Montreal, Kazan and London. Our goal is the World Championships,” Daley said. Zhang Jiaqi, the World Cup winner last year, won her tradem arkRead More →

continue this trend, further cutting the number of governmental approvals and improving efforts to serve business people. W hy? According to Li, delivering good services is what a government is meant to do. This will leave companies mo re time doing business and less time wrapped up in red tape. My family members doing business here will co ntinue to directly benefit and since time is money, the improvements should go directly to their bottom lines. When listening to Premier Li, I thought of something we hear often in the West: That the two Chinese characters for “crisis” come from those for “danger” an dRead More →

  at vetoes since 1972, when Richard Nixon faced a Democratic-led Congress, most of the vetoes have come when at least one chamber was not aligned with the President.   Veto overrides, of course, are much more rare than vetoes. There have been only 111 in the history of the country, and they have impact.   One of the country’s few impeachments, Andrew Johnson’s, was precipitated by a veto override.   In more recent history, the Clean Water Act in 1972 and an expansion of the Freedom of In formation Act in 1974 both passed despite presidential vetoes. The last time an appropriations bill was ove rridden was duringRead More →