the Communist Party of China and the State Council, China’s cabinet, Chinese authorities will consolidate the produc tion capacity of such products as edible-oil crops and cotton through improving quality and efficiency. The nation will also improve the subsidy policy for soybean and corn producers this year, while also scaling up imports of agricultural products in shortage and diversifying import channels, the g uideline read. China will also cultivate a group of multinational agricultural enterprises. Jiao Shanwei, editor-in-chief of grain portal in Central China’s Henan Province, told the Global Times that the guide line, which is issued at the beginning of each year andRead More →

NEW YORK – Residents’ opposition, labor shortage, and technology transfer difficulties are the three main reasons why manuf acturing companies like Foxconn could not move back to the United States easily, industry insiders and analysts have said. Being built on a vast 2,800 acres of land in the US State of Wisconsin, the Foxconn plant project is dubbed by US President Donald Trum p as the “eighth wonder of the world” for the scale of investment, the number of new jobs it promises to brin g in, and the hundreds of upstream and downstream manufacturing companies that potentially would follow suit. The company, which makesRead More →

According to the Japanese Times website on the 30th, the nuclear fuel facility in Donghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan, sounded the “radioactive material leakage” alarm on the afternoon of the same day, and nine staff members were bei ng inspected to determine whether they had been exposed to nuclear pollution. According to Taiwan’s Toshimori News Cloud, the Japan Release Association was q uoted as saying that nine staff members were present when the fuel manuf acturing equipment of Japan Atomic Power Research and Development Agency (JARDA) in Do nghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, was operating. Ibaraki County said the incident did not affect the surrounding environment.Read More →

  Beijing time on January 16, the Asian cup group stage in the final round of group C continue to open, the Chinese football against South Korea.And before the game starts, China and South Korea also unveiled before the starting list respectively.   In the starting line-up, the team’s starting in lippi has carried on the part of the rot ation, lei did not appear in the starting lineup, in a game, as a substitute of g reat treasure, Jin Jing way, zhang in the starter list, old captain zheng zhi in the game to start.After south Korean me dia has been hyped cloth Min will debutRead More →