China welcomes the United States’ willingness to develop a stable mi litary-to-military relationship, but will remain steadfast in safeguarding national sove reignty and security, a senior Chinese military official said on Saturday in Singapore. In a keynote speech at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue on Saturday morning, acting US Defen se Secretary Patrick Shanahan said that China and the US can still have a cooperative relati onship. Although competition does exist between the two countries, it does not always mean conflict, he added. Shanahan also noted some “destabilizing activities” in Asia and emphasized the US’s military presence and commitment in the region. He called for moreRead More →

types of onshore commodity futures contracts without registering a Chinese entity, and will continuously improve the relate d rules, Lu Dongsheng, an official with the China Securities Regulatory Commission, told a forum on Tuesday Lu also announced other measures to develop China’s commodity fut ures market, such as accelerating the launch of ricThe Shanghai Futures Exchange will open up its nonferrous metals futures contracts to foreign investors, Jiang Yan, Party secretary of the exchange, said at the s ame forum. The bourGuo Shuqing, head of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commissiose will also list a n ew type of futures contract, TSR20 Rubber, whichRead More →

If they wanted a replay of what happened to ZTE, a Chinese company which relies heavily on outsider technologies, they may never see it. Because Huawei is a dramatically different kind of business. The Plan B Huawei has just revealed — a series of self-developed chips — is only part of what makes it an enterprise of strategic insight, and hence resilience. Over time, that insight has rewarded it with a viable biosphere that its founder Ren Zhengfei believes will enable it to weat her the storm. “Our growth may drop a bit in the wake of US restrictions, but negative growth is impossible,” saidRead More →

anization sued to block the subpoena issued in April to Mazars USA, an accountant for the president and Trump Orga nization. Trump’s lawyers accused Democrats of harassing Trump and said the subpoena “has no legitimate legislative purpose.” Trump’s lawyers, in suing in both Washington and New York in attempt to beat back congressiona l subpoenas, said congressional investigations are legitimate only if there is legislation that might result from them. In the New York case, Trump, his business and family have sued Deutsche Bank and Capital One to prevent the fi nancial companies from complying with subpoenas from the House Financial Services Committee and theRead More →

 with all nations is the Chinese way of engaging with the world. Benefiting the people and providing them with stability and prosperity are the distinctive value of Chinese civilization. Keeping reforming and innovating, and advancing with the times are the unchanged spirit of Chinese civilization. Following the rules of nature and uniting human and universe are the philosophy of existence for Chinese civilization. Consultations between China and the United States are not a one-way street, and should be co nducted amid a spirit of equality, State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi said on Monday in Russia. Wang said that it is pointless for oneRead More →

“It’s such a difference visiting today to see so many different animate d productions being done in China. Chinese writers, directors and animators ha ve really jumped into rich storytelling and created really fascinating worlds that the global audience will enjoy seeing,” he says. Over the past eight years, D’Ambrosia has overseen production of such popular Disney Junior’s shows such as the Emmy Awar d-winning Sophia the First and The Lion Guard, which is based on Disney’s Oscar-winning 1994 film The Lion King. Speaking about the key to appealing to children aged between 2 and 7 , he reveals that the tales his team createsRead More →

microcosm of the national aspirations of both of their countries to gain a place in the global space arena via the cooperation and assistance of China. Chea and Moreno Pena are part of a training program hosted by the China Academy of Space Technology. The idea is to train a small group of elite foreign students to become s pace industry engineers capable of developing and manufacturing satellites on their o wn, thus enabling their countries to build their respective space industries and explore space. Eight people are taking part in the program, which began in March 2018-two Ve nezuelans, two Pakistanis, one Cambodian, oneRead More →

systems, they flourished. Decades later, the Asian carp population has grown to such an extent that it is creating an ecological disaster, crowding out other species competing for rich food sources in waterways. “The Asian carp is an important fish. It’s anThe newly established International Fish eries Industrial Park, which opened on April 12 in Wickliffe, a town of 700 people in Kent ucky, is a public-private partnership aimed at reducing local Asian carp populations while creating a zero-wast e food production chain. incredible species and has been domesticated in Asia for more than 2,400 ye ars,” He said. “We consume more Asian carp thanRead More →

ss by testifying in April that he did not know whether Mueller agreed with his initial characterization of the report – failing t o mention a March 27 letter from the special counsel complaining that Barr’s initial public summary did not “ful ly capture the context, nature and substance of this Office’s work.” Several Democrats have called on him to resign. Nadler had set a Wednesday deadline for Barr to hand over the unred acted report and its underlying evidence. Barr canceled his testimony after clashing wit h Nadler over the hearing’s format. Nadler said he will move forward with a contempt citation as soonRead More →

and hada from Tibet autonomous region, shawls from Kashmir, hangs of cloisonnéenam el from Beijing, Yengisar dagger from Xinjiang Uygur autonomous region, and a CD of exotic music. “My favorite souvenirs are unique and distinctive objects. Stereotyped souvenirs at diffe rent destinations will fail to attract visitors and even dampen the impression of a special attraction,” said Shi. Zhou Weihong, deputy general manager of Spring Tour, a part of the Shanghai-based Spring Group, sai d the cultural and geographical values of local souvenirs are neglected in many cases, adding that the expe rience of overseas travel-related products can be a benchmark for Chinese souvenirs. “InRead More →