followed by Baidu and ByteDance, according to the employment-oriented social networking platform LinkedIn. The ranking list is based on feedback from LinkedIn’s more than 40 million users in China, taking fo ur aspects into consideration — interest in the company, engagement with employees, job demands and employee retention. Qualified companies must have had at least 500 employees as of Feb 1, 2018, and demonst rate flat or positive employee growth over the following 12 months, based on LinkedIn’s data. Among the top 25 companies to work for in 2019, 15 of them are technology companies, as the results showed. Here is the top 10 listRead More →

developed three series including M, V and T, with the smartphone business revenue once accounting for 80 percent of its total revenue. The image-editing app developer changed its strategy to social platform on 2018. By the e nd of February, the monthly active users on Meitu platform reached 119.2 million. According to Meitu’s financial report, its revenue from internet business increased 26.3 percent year-on-year to 947.7 million yuan ($141.31 million) in 2018, w ith gross margin from the business surging 134.8 percent to 429.1 million yuan. However, the firm’s revenue from smart hardware slumped 50 .7 percent year-on-year to 184.38 million yuan last year, andRead More →

 Canalys, said it is possible for Huawei to achieve its ambitious revenue target if it can maintain its current growth rate and everything goes well. “Huawei is also increasing the average selling price of its smartphones and expan ding its presence in the premium segment, which will significantly boost revenue,” Jia said. But the global smartphone market is reaching saturation point, so Huawei has to encroa ch on other smartphone vendors’ market share to maintain a good momentum, Jia added. On Thursday, Yu also unveiled the P30 smartphone series in Shanghai. Priced from 3,988 yuan ($594) in China, the P30 Pro co mes with optimizedRead More →

 km on all kinds of road conditions with no accidents, presenting the leading position of Baidu’s Apollo system. The results of Baidu match the latest road test report by the Califor nian Department of Motor Vehicles in the United States in February. They show that t he Apollo system helped cars travel up to 29,117 km in 2018, a growth of 818 percent from the previous year.n addit ion, Baidu’s test fleet traveled some However, since China has more complicated driving and road conditions than the US, the DMV report has its limitations in terms of testing China’s autonomous cars. The main items tested byRead More →

Universities in China have reduced their quotas for the independent enrollment of high school graduates. Independent enrollment allows universities to invite students who may not qualify through the traditional route but who have other skills that make them attractive. Wuhan University in Hubei province has reduced the quota for independent enrollment from 350 last year to 192 in 2019. Ce ntral South University in Changsha, Hunan province, reduced its quota from 420 in 2018 to 120 this year. Universities are also cutting back on the preferential treatment of independently enrolled students. For example, China University of Political Science and Law and the University of ScienceRead More →

The newly-approved Foreign Investment Law, the promotion of free t rade, further reform and opening up in China have benefited not only foreign investors, but provi ded a better business environment for all players in this country, said top executives of German pharmaceutical giant Merck during a media interview at the just-ended Boao Forum for Asia in Boao, South China’s Hainan province. As a pharmaceutical, chemical and life sciences conglomerate, it is always important for Merck Group to have clear and transparent pharmaceutical stru ctures, and the Foreign Investment Law gives the company more transparency and a much more reliable fram ework, especially on intellectualRead More →

China can push forward deleveraging and deal with short-term downside pressure in a coord inated way to ensure sustainable and high-quality economic growth, experts said on Friday. “Deleveraging does not necessarily lead to slower economic gro wth. It depends on which approach we choose to lower the leverage,” said Hu Xia olian, chair of the Export-Import Bank of China at the Boao Forum for Asia, which concluded on Friday. As China’s deleveraging moves support supply-side structural reforms, del everaging and economic growth actually go hand in hand in many aspects, Hu said. Reducing the debt ratio of State-owned enterprises, for example, entails reforms to strengRead More →

southern border in February, two and a half times the number they apprehended in February 2018. It is not clear how shutting down ports of entry would deter asylum see kers, as they are legally able to request help as soon as they set foot on US soil. But a border shutdown would disrupt tourism and commerce betwe en the United States and Mexico, which totaled $612 billion last year, according to the US Cen sus Bureau. Nielsen warned that the personnel shift would lead to commercial delays and longer wait times at crossing points. Trump is trying to convince Congress to sign off onRead More →

 it is already a banking center in the European context, plus a clearinghouse. Also, Frankfurt has the Euro pean central bank, which is now the regulator for all banks in Europe. So, the banks want to be closer to the major regulator,” Donoghue said. As for asset management, insurance, and funds companies, Donoghue said, they are relocat ing to Dublin because the city has a very broad and diversified set of capabilities in running funds and managing assets. Andrew Pilgrim, associate partner at consultancy Ernst & Young, which is known as EY, sai d it is probably not in the EU’s best interests to haveRead More →

gic nature of the China-Italy relations in the long term, and comp rehensively elevate the level of their mutually beneficial cooperation, Xi said. China is willing to enhance high-level guidance with the Italian side, respect each other ‘s major concerns, jointly build the Belt and Road, explore cooperation with third parties, boost cu ltural exchanges and local-level cooperation, and strengthen popular support for bilateral relations, Xi said. The Chinese president stressed that in recent years, China’s National People’s Congress and the Italian Senate have established a regular exchange mechanism. China supports the two countries’ legislative bodies to carry out multi-level, wide-ranging and multi-channel exch angesRead More →