According to the official micro-blog of Longqiao Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, a malignant case happened in Fuli To wn of Longqiao District on January 24, 2019. Victims Yang Mouwei (female, 9 years o ld) and Yang Moutian (male, 5 years old) died after rescue. Victims Chen Mounan (femal e, 32 years old, mother of Yang Mouwei and Yang Moutian) were being treated and th eir lives were not in danger. After interrthe murder. At pr ang (male, 33 years old, Fuli Town, Longqiao District) confessed that many yea rs ago, he and the victim’s family had a sense of contradiction and hatred forRead More →

  Sun nan recently wife Pan Wei accepted an interview, in an interview how we conceive of the husband and wife shall have the update.Their way of life with the majori ty of the entertainment industry is different, really insipid and rich.   Actually Pan Wei is sun nan’s second wife, buy red sister sun nan ex-wife is mainlan d comedian.Remember the sun nan and buy red sister has spread the news of the marria ge, but was denied by the parties.But with one ins ider said two people break up already.In May 2 011, when two people together in agent wedding, force to break the breakupRead More →

21, the national bureau of statistics released in 2018, the Chinese economy.In 2018, China’s overall economy in smooth and steady, per capita disposable income faster t han GDP, per capita GDP and CPI growth, job creation and other important indicators achieve development goals. Data figure Wu Wei drawing GDP for the first time in 90 trillion, up 6.6% from a year earlier Preliminary accounting, gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, 90.0309 trillion yuan , RMB 90 trillion for the first time.Calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, rea lized the anticipated development goals, about 6.5% of the economy maintained aRead More →

  Dear friends, hello, everyone, I am your old friend economic weekly market leader.Today I am honored to bring you an article, that is: foxconn cut 50000 importa nt reason: because the company to only 2% of the profits!Believe everyone for this kind of event, are very interested in.So let’s go to have a look at it!   According to the current news, foxconn zhengzhou factory from last year to now, alm ost has the nearly 50000 layoffs.But for now, the company has not made any response, foxconn, a total of seven d epartments, has now been taken down four leaves three, there are still some schoolRead More →

As an early rock idol in Hong Kong, Tingfeng Tse’s unruly appearance and free personality h ave been sought after by many fans. With Cecilia Cheung and Fei Wong, the emotional entanglement between them has become the focus of attention. Now, Cecilia Cheung announces the happy news of the triplets, Tingfeng Tse and Fe i Wong have come together again, and their feelings have settled down. In terms of career, Tse Tingfeng created his own program “Fengwei”. He cook ed life with gourmet food. The popularity of “Fengwei” also made the image of Tse Tingfeng’s chef deeply popular and circled a big wave of fans.Read More →

The illegitimate meal followed Sugar, touched him and said “lovely” and “my love”. According to Taiwanese media reports, the Bombproof Teenagers’Group (BTS) recently held a concert in Nagoya, Japan. When it returned to Korea, it was witnessed that fa ns feared the cold and tried to get close in their ultra-short hot pants in the hope of gaining the attention of the members of the group. The illegal meals caused criti cism, and the brokerage company BIGHIT Entertainment also publicized the “follow-up blacklist” in official cafes. In fact, the bullet-pro of juvenile regiment has been plagued by the illegitimate food problem for a long time,Read More →

“Call 110 if you are in danger” is a warm statement that confirms the people’s trust in 110. With the advent of “110 Publicity Day” this year, Yancheng 110 has gone through 23 years with the people. From the initial daily alarm receipt of more t han 100 to today’s daily average of 5000, under the huge increase in the number of alarms received, all 11 0 people “serve the people” has never changed. Faced with the new expectations of the new era and the improvement of the q uality and efficiency of 110 receiving and handling police work, Yancheng Police has launched 110 reformsRead More →

Recently, media photographed actors Wang Chuanjun and Zhang Yu kissing in the street after drinking, and they were ridiculed by netizens as “love exposure”. In response, Zhang Yu’s agent said, “Don’t think too much, two straight men of iron and steel.” Because “Love Apartment” appeared in the corner of “Guangu Magic”, and later Wang Chuanjun became popular because of “I am not the God of Medicine”. A few days ago, Zhang Yu gathered with Zhang Yu, who also played the role of “Pharmaceutical God” and “Yellow Hair” in the film. The media captured a “big-scale” picture of the two men after they were drunk. ZhangRead More →

Porcelain-touching is a social phenomenon that people hide from others. In recent years, many ceramic-touching incidents occur frequently. Most of the people who touch porcelain are old men or old women, but recently a middle-aged man has also done this. According to news reports, a man touched porcelain 11 times in a month! When he was found, he also involved in a series of subsequent events. Let’s take a look at the details. In January 2019, a traffic accident happened in Jiulongpo, Chongqing. When the policemen handled it, they found that 11 similar accidents happened to Li, a man in a month, and almost allRead More →

Just after the winter solstice, the temperature in Zhaotong to Shanbao area of Yunnan has dropped to 56 degrees, along the way pine trees have “put on” a layer of ice. In January 2018, a picture of a local student with a frost on his head was widely disseminated after media reports. Wang Fuman, the protagonist of the picture, was called “Ice Flower Boy” and attracted attention. A year has passed. How is the life of “Ice Flower Boy”? What changes have taken place in the Turn Shanbao Primary School where “ Ice Flower Boy” is located? Recently, people’s network reporters came to Zhaotong LudianRead More →