The State Council, China’s cabinet, said Wednesday it was necessary to amend laws and suppor ting regulations and policies to ensure the implementation of the foreign investment law. Draft amendments for administrative licensing law, trademark law, construction law and e lectronic signature law were passed Wednesday at a State Council executive meeting presided over by Premier Li Keqiang. It was also decided at the meeting to submit the draft amendments to the Standing Comm ittee of the National People’s Congress, China’s top legislature, for deliberation, according to a statement after the meeting. Suggestions for revisions include adding the principle of “non-discrimination” in administrative lice nsing,Read More →

 the legislation, including the lack of time available for all the steps it sets out, and had concerns about the precedent it set. Pro-Brexit Conservative lawmaker Bill Cash described it as “a constitutional revolution”. “This is a grave moment in our constitutional history. I think the Bill is reprehen sible … I think it is a disgrace that it was brought in,” he told parliament ahead of the votes. It was unclear when the legislation would be debated in the House of Lords, where legislation usually passes more slowly and opponents could seek to filibuster it, but it could be as soon as Thursday. ConservativeRead More →

 passed Tongxiang and left good luck. Anyone who went out for a hike du ring the Qingming Festival could take the luck home and get double the harvest of silk. Thus, p eople hold a ceremony to worship the deity of the silkworm, and other activities to pray for a good silk harvest. Yvonne Horst, the travel blogger from GoYvon who has lived and worked in China for six years, visited Tongxiang for the first time. “I haven’t seen a ceremony held in the Qingming Festival. What I k now about the Qingming Festival is it is a festival to commemorate ancestors. I think it’sRead More →

 Boeing 737 MAX 8s were delivered, and went down just minutes after taking off, within five months of each other, they have some degre e of similarity,” the administration said in its statement. The administration grounded all Chinese Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets on March 11. “With China suspending the airworthiness certificate for the Boeing 737 MAX 8, domesti c airlines are unable to purchase this model,” Li said, adding that it will undoubtedly cause great economic losses to Boeing. As of the end of January, the Boeing 737 MAX family had 5,011 orders worldwide, of which 3 50 had been delivered. More than 420Read More →

Serbian capital, Belgrade. Karadzic was heavily disguised by a white beard, long hair and spectacles, living under a false identity as a “spiritual healer.” Karadzic is the highest-ranking political figure to have been brought to justice over the bitter ethnic conflicts of the 1990s. Wednesday’s judgement was handed down by the UN’s international residual mechanism for cr iminal tribunals, which deals with cases left over from the now dissolved courts for the former Yugoslavia and Rwanda. In November 2017 the court also sentenced former Bosnian Serb army leader Ratko Mladi c to life in prison after finding him guilty of genocide for atrocities committed duringRead More →

  fter South Korea’s NIS reported that parts of the Yongbyon nuclear complex, including the re actor that is believed to produce weapons-grade plutonium, have not been active since the beginning of 2019.   The International Atomic Energy Agency announced similar findings earlier this week. The organization’s gen eral director, Yukiya Amano, said Monday the agency has not observed activity at several important facilities at Yo ngbyon but did see “indications of the ongoing use of the reported centrifuge enrichment facility.”   38 North said shortly before the summit that there was no indication that the site’s plutonium production reactor was operating. A post in January said thatRead More →

  ue South Korean farming county, was a backwater until homegrown heroes the Garlic Girl s became breakout stars and curling silver medalists at last year’s Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.   In recent months the spotlight has again fallen on Uiseong for a far less glorious rea son: a smoldering mountain of garbage which highlights the trash crisis in the densely populated nation.   Among the rice paddies and beside the Nakdong River in the country’s east, a horseshoe-shaped, 170,000-ton heap of trash is spontaneously combusting, spe wing out plumes of smoke and the nose-scorching, chemical stench of burning plastic.   On a cold February morning, six workers wearing grimyRead More →

Kim, as he would have to face more pressure at home. And perhaps that’s why he said he was not in a rush to sign an agreement. As discussions on denuclearization have become more detailed, Tr ump better understands the complexity of the issue, resolving which has become a tough cha llenge for not only the US and the DPRK, but also China, the Republic of Korea and Japan. The US should therefore work out a long-term plan to resolve the pen insula nuclear issue. In fact, Trump said there is no need to increase sanctions on Pyon gyang, and indicated that Washington will continueRead More →

  CNN her family migrated from Kashmir to Jammu in 1991 because of the insurgency in the region.   ”I have grown up listening to the stories of Exodus and conflict. And it is etched inside of my mind and heart,” she said. “Now, when we are on the brink of havi ng a war there are people who are promoting war in the name of nationalism, which is purely jingoistic.”   She said she pushed the hashtag on Twitter in an attempt to help break the cycle of violence and w ar before it’s too late: “Soldiers and innocent civilians on both sides will die at theRead More →

According to the official micro-blog of Longqiao Branch of Suzhou Public Security Bureau, a malignant case happened in Fuli To wn of Longqiao District on January 24, 2019. Victims Yang Mouwei (female, 9 years o ld) and Yang Moutian (male, 5 years old) died after rescue. Victims Chen Mounan (femal e, 32 years old, mother of Yang Mouwei and Yang Moutian) were being treated and th eir lives were not in danger. After interrthe murder. At pr ang (male, 33 years old, Fuli Town, Longqiao District) confessed that many yea rs ago, he and the victim’s family had a sense of contradiction and hatred forRead More →