He told China Daily his company’s priority is to attract more peo ple, especially non-locals, to visit and boost sales, as local consumption has limited potent ial. The company is eyeing more business opportunities based on word-of-mouth among visitors, Long said. This “one-stop industrial tourism”, as Long calls it, has contrib uted more than 60 percent in total sales since his company started to feel out the market in 2005. Long witnessed the company transform from a State-owned enterprise to a market-orient ed limited company at the turn of century. By streamlining internal bodies and lifting the proportion of em ployees involved in production whileRead More →

up China to market vinyls for pop stars such as Jacky Cheung, Karen Mok and Faye Wong, aiming to popularize vinyls among young Chinese buyers. Turntables are designed to appeal to a contemporary lifestyle that is simple and sustainable, Lin says. His company opened a vinyl store, called 33-rpm, in Shenzhen on March 21 , and he has ambitious plans to have outlets in about 200 Chinese cities within the next two years. “When you look at convenience, portability, and all those things, vinyl doesn’t make sense,” he says. “But it is rooted in a passion or love for music. Some people buy vinyls butRead More →

The first-ever image of a black hole has sucked a Chinese image provider Visual China Group into a “black hole” of its own, after some “we media” players complained that the company put its copyright logo on the image. Just after the black hole image was released on Wednesday, some found the Visual China Gr oup website carried the image with its logo, which means payment is required to use the image. The company released a statement Thursday afternoon that the company gained the ima ge copyright from the Event Horizon Telescope teams for use in media, not for commercial use such as advertisements. MaterialsRead More →

China is planning to build a new Free Trade Zone in the Yangtze River Delta region, China Business Network reported on Wednesday. Deputy Director of the Shanghai Development and Reform Commission Zhu Min made t he announcement at a press conference on promoting high-quality development on Wednesday in Shanghai. Although Zhu didn’t reveal the exact location of the new FTZ, S uzhou Industrial Park in East China’s Jiangsu province is expected to be the spot. Suzhou Industrial Park said to a CBN reporter the FTZ is a national-level plan and the park hasn’t got any news yet. Zhu emphasized the Shanghai Pilot Free Trade ZoneRead More →

prise is not compared in Beijing’s road test report, avoid ing data fraud and guiding the enterprises to pay attention to safety, accumula te road test experience and industrialize scientific and technological achievements. Focusing on safety and overall performance, Beijing’s road test report evaluates the self-driving capability of a mass o f cars with at least 100,000 km traveled with no accidents and under diverse conditions. The travel of one or two self-driving cars is easy, while dozens or hund reds of cars running at the same time is another story. It re quires high vehicle stability, reflecting the capabilities of the companies, including theirRead More →

 and so far, he’s still enjoying it. “And I’ve been through bad relationships — they are horrible.” He said his lifestyle is healthier when he is single, and he is also more focused on his own business than when in a relationship. “But if I meet the right girl, then sure I’ll lay my cards on the table and go all in,” West added. Just as West indicated, more studies now show that single people are becoming healthier, both mentally and physically. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Women’s Health found that un married women are living healthier than ever before. They hadRead More →

tion Development Fund will be halved. Charges for national cultural programs supported by cen trally administrated enterprises and institutions will be cut in half, effective until the end of 2024. It was also decided at the meeting to reduce mobile internet service rates and lower broa dband service rates for small and medium-sized enterprises by about 180 billion yuan in 2019. The State Council also decided to trim average electricity prices for gene ral industrial and commercial businesses, lower prices for rail freight transport, cut or merge port charges, and cancel charges for the certification of citizens’ personal ID information. The measures identified at theRead More →

Beckmann believes globalization and free trade are the essence and the fuel of a company th at is truly global, and the 350-year-old company is very strongly committed to it. “Every attempt to improve free trade is highly appreciated by us,” he said. As a long-term resident in China, Gabor has experienced part of the 40 year s of reform and opening up, and believes the changes that have occurred in China over the years are really dramatic in terms of improving the quality of life and healthcare. “The economic status of the average Chinese person has improved dramatically…Things have moved in a very goodRead More →

tribute to deleveraging, Hu said. “The large-scale reduction of taxes and fees could efficiently reduce burdens on enterpris es and strengthen their ability to repay debts and absorb equity financing,” she said. Zhu Min, chair of the National Institute of Financial Research at Tsinghua University, sai d it is clear that China will “move more on fiscal policy than monetary policy” to offset short-term economic challenges. This year’s tax and fee cut on enterprises-worth nearly 2 trillion yuan ($297.8 billion)-is “really encouraging”, which will improve their productivity and efficiency, said Zhu, a former deputy managing director of the International Monetary Fund. The debt level, especiallyRead More →

thern outskirts of Beijing around noon Saturday, according to the Ministry of Emergency Management. The blaze started on a mountain in Miyun District at around 12:23 pm and spread to Pinggu District at about 1 pm due to strong winds. The purchasing managers’ index (PMI) for China’s manufacturing sector came in at 50.5 in Ma rch, up from 49.2 in February, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) said Sunday. A reading above 50 indicates expansion, while a reading below reflects contraction. NBS senior statistician Zhao Qinghe attributed the monthly increase in the manufacturing PMI to accelerated produ ction activities and improved domestic demand boosted byRead More →