ic demand, China faces a harsher situation on the export front. The subindex for new export and import orders respectively stood at 47.1 an d 48.7, both below the 50 mark, indicating easing growth of the world economy. Despite the external challenge, Bank of China economists said in a report released on Thursday that as the effect of the country’s supportive policies starts to surface, the world’s second-largest eco nomy may stabilize, with its GDP growth picking up to 6.3 percent in the second quarter from 6.2 percent in the first. The NBS also said on Sunday that China’s non-manufacturing PMI rose to 54.8 inRead More →

Chinese business leaders are more confident and prepared in addressing the challenges brought by new technologies than those in many other countries, said Cindy Hook, CEO of Deloitte Asia-Pacific, a global consultancy firm, on Thursday. While many business leaders in the rest of the world take a protective approach to using technologies, Ch ina’s leaders would like to “disrupt their sectors” and facilitate real changes, Hook said on the sidelines of the Boao Forum for Asia. “Chinese enterprises are looking at the technologies available-whet her it’s artificial intelligence, big data or the like-to actually come up with whole-new busi ness models and whole-new approaches toRead More →

had to quit again as he had to pick up his son from primary school at noon. He joined the line again aft er lunch, but he didn’t have any idea about when his turn will come when China Daily interviewed him at 4:30 pm. There were so many donators that the organizers brought dozens of stools to the site so that people could rest after waiting a long time. Many people also came to Xiangshui People’s Hospital to offer free food and medicine for those hospitalized. Chen Y ueru, a member of local volunteer association, said they have received 2,177 boxes of packed foodRead More →

in the US where she lived before moving to Birmingham 13 years ago. When she arrived, different groups of Asians were celebrating the holiday on their own, and she thought it would be great to share New Year’s traditions with the wider community. “We wanted to share with Americans,” Schwab said. “I feel our heritage is something we need to tell others about.” At the first gala in 2006, “we Chinese came together” and organized it wi th help from a primary corporate sponsor, Alabama Power Co, along with the Bir mingham mayor’s office, the public library and other city departments, which pitched in andRead More →

  told CNN that the wives of ISIS martyrs are there with their children and they don’t want to leave. Multiple US officials to ld CNN’s Barbara Starr that civilians still remain in the last piece of territory remaining under ISIS control.   Trump surprises allies, claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria   Trump surprises allies, claims US-backed forces reclaimed 100% of ISIS territory in Syria   David Eubank, director of the Free Burma Rangers, a Christian humanitarian group t hat operates in the area, estimates that in the last month, around 15,000 people have fled Bagh ouz.Before the offensive started, SDF officials estimated thatRead More →

Statistics from Beijing-headquartered think tank iyiou.com revealed that by last September, there were a total of 20,011 private hosp itals in China, accounting for nearly half of the country’s medical institutions. According to Hao Deming, exec utive vice-president and secretary-general of the Chinese Nongovernment Medical Institutions Association, starting from 2013, the number of China’s private hospitals has grown at an annual rate of 15 percent. Capital also favors private hospitals. “The number of private hospitals in China accounts f or half of the total, and is growing at a much higher rate than the number of public hospitals. The invest ment from the capital marketRead More →

  In the most important sense, the Hanoi summit failed for a very simple reason: North Korea will not eliminate its nuclear arsenal ov er the next months or years. However, this does not mean that negotiations are doomed to fail or misgu ided — just the opposite. It is more important than ever that negotiations succeed in limiting the threat from a nu clear-armed North Korea. Without a decisive shift in course, a third summit would only end up like the first two.   Pyongyang’s conduct over the last year and decade should leave no doubt about its in tention to retain its nuclear arsenal. PyongyangRead More →

of competent lawyers to fight its case, Huawei has also continu ed to improve its technology, which ranks fifth among the world’s top 50 companies that have inve sted the most in R&D, according to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. Of course, the Chinese companies should prepare to meet any eventualities, but they should not be over-pessimistic about the future. They need to understand that time is on their side and a vast market is ther e for them to explore despite the attempts of the US and its allies to compromise their business. Even in the US, its 50 states have different policiesRead More →

the first being the Xihe Qiqiao Cultural Festival, and it proved to be highly popular with tourists. Soon, she began to take orders, and then recruited locals to work for her. “As my life improves, I want to help others to make better lives for themselves through their embroidery,” says Zhang. In 2015, with the help of her family, she built a house to be used as a work site and named it Qiqiao Workshop. At first, she recruited a dozen members. After that the num ber has kept growing as the factory developed into an infl uential embroidery organization, the Qiqiao Workshop Association. ByRead More →

  people who will be living with these consequences” of climate change.   ”I’ve been doing this for 30 years. I know what I’m doing,” Feinstein says. “You come in here and you say, ‘It has to be my way or the highway.’ I don’t respond to that.”   ”I’ve gotten elected. I just ran,” she continues. “I was elected by almost a million-vote plurality, and I know what I’m doing. So, you know, maybe people should listen a little bit.”   In the video, Feinstein also asks a girl how old she is as the girl says politicians should listen to the people they represent. The girl repliesRead More →