Photos have been released of China’s first domestically manufactured aircraft carrier on its recent fifth sea trial. The trial tested the carrier’s command and control system and battle performa nce, with the vessel completing tests of its mooring, power, battle and security system. Unmanned convenience stores, vending machines, mobile payment…thanks to the latest technology, shopping has become even more effortless. But shopping experience will go further than that: an eye-catching robot in Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province, has hit the streets selling drinks and ice creams. Powered by 4G networking and artificial intelligence, the human-shaped robot, Mr Doer, offe rs ice creams and drinks onRead More →

mal’s, which means that the signs of trouble during the procedure will not be as obvious as with mammals. It is easier to cause irreversible damage if an unexpected situation is encountered.” “It’s obvious that their near-extinction was caused by huma ns,” he said. “We haven’t done the basic work of researching the turtles’ biological inf ormation, behaviors and genetics. The knowledge we have is too limited to save the species.” Save your look of judgment for anyone blocking your path as you try to walk past them on an escalator in Shanghai. The new safety notices posted in every metro station in the cityRead More →

and media need to focus on long term development of Chinese soccer instead of what happens at the tournament. Cannavaro said he sought out the opinion of Lippi, who now serves as an adviser, including player selection. “The China Cup players are all those who had good performances in the previous rounds of the CSL, along with young players,” said Cannavaro. “What we need is a sustainable system that will allow the best coaches all around the world to work here in the future. It’s not a short-term play. It will take time.” “It’s like building a house-the first job is to build a solidRead More →

  possession of firearms and police are still trying to understand their involvement, said New Zealand Police Com missioner Mike Bush. On Friday night local time police tweeted that the pair remain in custody.   Police said a fourth person was arrested Friday but “that was not related to these events.”   Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that at least one of those arreste d is Australian. He said the shooting was the work of an “extremist right-wing, violent terrorist.”   Police said they do not believe there are any other suspects but added that it was still an open investigation.   None of the four people arrested hadRead More →

  Republican Sen. John Thune — who has oversight of the aviation industry and the FAA as a member of the Aviation subcommit tee of the Commerce and Transportation Committee — said Tuesday he would “prefer flying on some other plane” rather than Boeing’s 737 MAX 8.   Thune, who is also a the second-ranking Senate Republican leader, seemed to suggest he would be open to ground ing the planes if the evidence pointed to it, but stopped short of saying the planes should be grounded at this po int unless and until an NTSB investigation finds there is a problem with the plane.   He said heRead More →

there were 6,092 major sewage outlets along the Yangtze. The Ecology and Environment Ministry also noted some improvements in w ater quality nationwide. As of the end of last year, 95 percent of 1,062 black, odorous water bodies in 36 major cities across China have been removed or cleaned up, the statement said on Feb 28. The volume of good quality water nationwide has reached 71 perce nt, a year-on-year increase of 3.1 percentage points, the statement said. Zhang also highlighted other challenges to be faced. He said that many drinking water source s in rural areas are still under weak management, and many riversRead More →

  Honda has just dealt the United Kingdom’s auto industry a huge blow.   The Japanese carmaker said Tuesday that it will shut down a major manufa cturing plant in the English town of Swindon that employs 3,500 people. T housands more jobs will be put at risk at suppliers and other businesses.   Honda (HMC) has made more than 3 million cars in Swindon since its plant there opened three decades ago. The plant, which will close in 2021, currently produces up to 150,000 Civics a year for over 70 countries.   Swindon is the Japanese company’s only car plant in the European Union. The restructuring will alsoRead More →

  In the 21th century the world cannot be imagined without very close relationship between China and Europe. Better ec onomic relations with China not only benefits China but also Europe, said Victor Ponta, former president of the Socialist and D emocratic Party and former Prime Minister of Romania in an interview with People’s Daily Online.Ponta is in Beijing to attend the 5th China-Europe High-level Political Parties Forum held from May 17-18. He believes these forums are very useful initiatives fr om both the Chinese side and European side. “I think political decisions should be taken into joint consideration by the Europea n political parties andRead More →

28, according to reports, the famous German teenage magazines BRAVO maga zine recently by readers as the object, “who is your favorite member in bulletproof youth club” the questionnaire surv ey, the questionnaire survey on a total of more than 11000 people, tian 柾 countries b y 2532 votes to get 17% of the vote, become one.At the same time, he also boarded Germany cover “K – Bang admin” hallyu magazine.Overseas hot popularity is proved. Bulletproof youth club live concert film “LOVE YOURSELF IN SEOUL IN South Korea – the United States – such as the UK IN 96 countries around the world more thanRead More →