Xi Jinping (C, front), Li Keqiang (3rd R, front), Li Zhanshu (3rd L, front), Wang Huning (2nd R, front), Zhao Leji (2nd L, front), Ha n Zheng (1st R, front) and Wang Qishan (1st L, front) attend the closing meeting of the second session of the 13th National Committee of the Chi nese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, March 13, 2019. [Photo/Xinhua]   BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) — China’s top political advisory body concluded its annual session Wednesday, building a broad consensus and unity for national development.   Xi Jinping and other Chinese leaders including Li Keqiang, LiRead More →

  South Korea, according to the Ministry of Environment.   In theory, all waste produced in the country is handled in one of three ways: it is either rec ycled, processed into fuel, or incinerated. But a series of events in recent years have disrupted this system.   In 2017, a surge in smog levels prompted the governmen t to tighten regulations on waste-to-energy plants and waste incineration facilities which wer e blamed for belching out polluting fumes, says Sung Nak-kuen of the Korea Waste Association.   Consequently, the number of incineration facilities fell from 611 in 2011 to 395 last year. And with the waste-to-energy plants feeling theRead More →

German company Bayer’s agriculture division Bayer Crop Science in China and China’s National Ag ricultural Technology Extension Service Center (NATESC) under the Ministry of Agriculture jointly lau nched the Action Plan for Enhancing Green Development Capability in Beijing on Wednesday. The plan, a large non-profit training project co-sponsored by Bayer and the NATESC, is an important topic under the framework of Sino-German agricultural cooperation. To respond to the needs of green and quality development in Chinese agriculture, it a ims to build green development capacities among key players, such as local officials and tec hnicians in agriculture, executives in new types of agribusinesses, serve organizationsRead More →

  ea expert at Center for a New American Security. “Lifting key economic sanctio ns without proportionate denuclearization steps risk losing leverage.”   And even though the odds of success were low, with a mere month for the US team to prepare, many Republicans portrayed the draw as a victory.   ”It’s better to walk away than sign a bad deal,” said Sen. Lindse y Graham, a South Carolina Republican and fierce critic of the Kim regime.   ”What he did in Hanoi was the right thing to do — he walked away from a bad deal,” former Republican Sen. Rick Sant orum told CNN’s “New Day,” adding thatRead More →

will rise by $30 if Apple moves its final assembly lines to the United States. If Apple manufactu res components and assembles them in the country, the cost will go up by $100 with the investment, labor and logistics involved. What’s more, the relocation to the United States would also see rising prices of many supplier items produced outside the U nited States, including semi-conductors, processors, memory, displays, batteries, the plastic and metal enclosures. “Our industry involves highly customized products. It requires both strong research and development ability and ind ustry scale. So, moving the supply chain would be a long shot,” said Meng WuRead More →

At that time and the vast and all the fri ends from the KTV to sing, he and Cao Xi months with both take a car, go to the hotel.Under the guidance of the staff, two peo ple just climaxed in and out.Then the woman boss tao has stated that she now don ‘t have any feelings, is a single state.And the male fans also responded just sister relationship. But on fans have recognized the brother and sister relationship, but the next day was the media reported the two even xox o behavior in the public situation.It seems that this is not normal that someRead More →

  16 years, and he starred in a number of film and television play, the treasure girl named Wen Qi is how to become famous   You like entertainment gossip friends, hello, small make up only a porter, for those who like me and like my friends articles to carry, let every day you can see the latest information and the focus in the entertainment industry.More willing to put mys elf to see the latest entertainment information to share with you, let everybody can see the latest information from s mall make up here, also hope that the fans and like my frie nds can point outRead More →

Brazilian football star Kaka recently announced through INS that her little girlfriend Carolina had succeeded in proposing marriage, while Kaka’s ex-wife, Caroline, answered questions from netizens on the social network the day after Kaka’s proposal was successful. She said that she divorced Kaka because they had different lifestyles and had no h appiness together, so she chose to break up. She also wished Kaka happiness in her second marriage. Kaka’s love with his ex-wife, Caroline, has been hailed as a model in football. Both come from Catholic families and remain virgin until the y get married. After marriage, they never had gossip, but also raisedRead More →

January 5 news in Haidilao hotpot restaurant dining, the shop broadcast promotional television suddenly appeared indecent pictures. This afternoon, some netizens reported that they saw this scene in a restaurant on Jianghan Road, Haidilao Hotpot.At 3:20 p.m. this afternoon, a netizen posted a microblog saying that just after eating in Haidilao restaurant, the TV screen in the restaurant suddenly jumped into yellow film with a large scale. The unexpected scene embarrassed everyone, and the waiter laughed as he added drinks. Soon, the TV was turned off. Another netizen also mentioned the incident on Weibo, indicating that it was positioned at a restaurant on Jianghan RoadRead More →

For the implementation of the new personal income tax policy starting next month, the “personal income tax” APP launched by the State Administration of Taxation has been launched in software stores on major mobile platforms. This new online APP not only includes the popular technology of face recognition, but also the functions of electronic payment and electronic tax refund, which is called “portable electronic tax bureau”. However, the Trojan Horse Virus was detected in the “personal income tax” APP only one day after it came online. According to media reports, 62 samples of camouflaged Trojan horses were detected on the first day of the launchRead More →