n emerging trend that will benefit animal protection work in the long run. The survey, released last week, found that more than 90 perce nt of Chinese travelers who had participated in an overseas wildlife tour said they would take into account whether their activities negatively affected the animals before making future tour decisions. “Wildlife-friendly travel plays a crucial role in the healthy growth of wildlife tourism. The research shows the responsibility that Chinese travelers would like to take, which is very enc ouraging,” said Zhao Zhonghua, chief representative of the World Animal Protection China office. The research was based on 2,206 questionnaires and jointlyRead More →

e infants said in a social media post that at least three babies had died at Shunde Hospital. He cited a suspected cross-infection in the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit in March and April. According to the post, his child was born on April 6 and was infected between April 7 and 10. On April 11, the infant was transferred to Guangdong Provincial People’s Hospital in Guangzhou. The chi ld was found to be infected with an intestinal virus and died after treatment lasting more than a week. Many newborns were transferred to other hospitals after becoming infected, he said. The health commission said theRead More →

software giant Oracle has begun laying off employees at its China Development Center, the 21st Century Business Herald reported on Tuesday. The first round of downsizing affects over 900 employees, with Oracle offering a severance package of “N+6”, which mea ns those laid off receive their monthly salary multiplied by the number of years they worked plus six months’ pay. At a full staff meeting, Oracle China said that it was a very difficult decision made in the face of a rapidly changing business envir onment and a strategic necessity to make timely adjustments to existing R&D systems and business models. Oracle also vowed toRead More →

theoretical knowledge, but also very good and deep experience in different types of satellites. For example, Professor Hu was part of China’s own satellite program from th e very beginning, and Professor Cui has taken part in both of my nation’s remote-sensing satellite projects. “All of them have at least 10 years of experience in satellite re search and development. This is very important and very unique,” he added. Moreno Pena said China is special to him, professionally as well as personally. “I met my wife during my first training in Beijing in 2007. She was also a Venezuelan studying spacecraft here at that time,”Read More →

an hour – an hour we lose on the water. The thing about the fish is that once you find them, you’ve got to stay on top of them,” Berry said. Irwin said that every day the fish seem to prefer different temperatures and water depths. He is us ing all the skills he has learned throughout the world to find better ways to fish for carp in Kentucky. The half-brothers are not the only ones lured to the state by Asian car p. About a year ago, Lin Jiantong and his wife Jiang Huiying moved there from Atlanta to fish the species. In Atlanta,Read More →

arding businesses, I would say we do have them, but there are still gaps in our current reg ulatory policies,” said Kong Jing, a consultant with the Chinese Pet Products Association. Small pots with succulent plants have become a craze for Chinese but horticulture sector is facing a manpower shortage Cheng Yajing is a gardener with “magical power” to make plants grow faster in a greenhouse at the Beijing Botanical Ga rden, also a playground of succulent plants such as cactus, vines and potted juicy leaves. “I’ve just finished trimming and fertilizing them,” says Cheng, as she walks through the gree nhouse covering a totalRead More →

PetroChina said the policy would not affect the continuity of its business and regarded it as conducive to the healthy development of its business and improvement of its financial position. Last month, China announced plans to lower its VAT rate. Starting from April 1, the VAT rate for refined oil products dropped from 16 percent to 13 percent. Consumer durables and home appliances giant Haier is making great efforts to meet the growing demand of the Indian mark et and help improve living standards of local people by introducing smart electronic products. After 15 years of operations in India, the Chinese giant recently held theRead More →

been raised since the last Belt and Road Foru two years ago. One of these concerns is the need for infrastructure proje cts to be more responsive to the local circumstances of BRI member countries.” Duncan Freeman, a research fellow at the EU-China Research Centre at the College of Euro pe in Bruges, Belgium, said infrastructure is important for economic growth, so buildi ng infrastructure and building connectivity and efficient infrastructure are important. Jon Taylor, a professor of political science at the University of St. Tho mas in Houston, Texas, in the United States, said Xi wants to convey a specific message: that C www.shlf666.cnRead More →

Nevertheless, while the team once thought that AI offered all th e solutions, a new question soon arose. Audience members asked: “Where’s the original flavor?” After restoring the images to their original state, they soon began to realize that people still needed some nostalgia. For examp le, old series made by Hong Kong-based company TVB usually have yellowing images, but many viewers co mplained that its retro ambience had vanished after the color cast was corrected, Jiang says. “People then said our restored version looked like a camera filter has been ad ded,” Pei says with a bitter smile. “We then had to go backRead More →

the ALS patients’ thoughts through identifying the patien ts’ eyeballs movements to collect information, and then move the wheelchair automatically. It can also move safely at night. Further improvements will be made to the system to correct for minor deviations when operating under bright light.Zhang Wei operates the wheelchair at a residential commu nity in Xi’an, Shaanxi province, April 17, 2019. Zhang has climbed two of China’s Five Great Mountains on his han Beijing plans to add more kindergarten slots and strengthen security measures to make sur e children can receive an affordable and safe preschool education, officials said on Thursday. Feng Hongrong, deputy inspector ofRead More →