The trump comedy talk show “Tucao conference 3” continued to be happy and Tucao this Sunday. In this issue, Zhang Jike is the main cafe. There are also “Go genius” Ko Jie, Wang Nan, singer Yuan Chengjie and Zeng Yike who are surprisingly present in the table tennis arena. There are also Li Sheng’s return in this period. Rock, Cheng Lu and Zhang Shaogang continue to sit in town. In the program, Zhang Jike responded to the competition by tearing clothes. Go champion Ko Jie talked about defeating “Alpha Dog” in the war. Zeng Yike was open to doubt. It was said that there wereRead More →

BEIJING, Dec. 28 – Dec. 26, a picture of a female teacher kneeling on a lecture stool to give lectures to students was forwarded in the circle of friends, and netizens praised the professionalism of the teacher’s adherence to the lecture platform. It is reported that the female teacher, Zhang Shuhong, is an English teacher of the third experimental primary school in Ningling County. Because of the soft tissue injury of her right foot, she can’t stand for long on the platform, but she also catches up with the children at the end of the day. She is afraid of delaying the children’s class. SoRead More →

Ruisheng Coffee is a new coffee brand owned by Shenzhou Youche Group. Although it has only been established for less than a year, it has quickly occupied the market through a large number of price subsidies. At present, it has opened 2,000 stores. But in this “burning money” marketing model, Ruisheng coffee has not yet achieved profitability. In the financial data released by this year’s round B financing, we can see that Ruisheng coffee has lost more than 800 million yuan. The official response of Richter said: for the current strategic layout, the loss is in line with the normal expectations. Here we will takeRead More →

Nowadays, more and more star children have entered the entertainment circle, and the second ge neration of stars are also grasping a large number of them. It makes people feel that the threshold to enter the entertainment circle is getting higher and higher. Are there any ways for ordinary people to enter the entertainment circle, either the second generation of stars or the second generation of rich stars? Although there are many second generation stars, there are only a few who can really mix up their own world in the circle. Guo Qilin has always been a concerned star of the second generation. Everyone knowsRead More →

On the evening of December 27, a reporter from Beiqing Daily found that it was impossible to retrieve “Quan Jian” related commodities on the platform of Beijing East. Beiqing Daily reporter learned from the Beijing East Public Relations Office that Beijing East has first comprehensively removed the relevant shops and commodities, and will be handled according to the final audit results, in accordance with the law. In addition, in addition to Jingdong, Suning and Taobao platforms are currently unable to retrieve “Quanjian” products. On the evening of the 27th, Beijing Qingdao reporters learned from the Beijing East Public Relations Office that Beijing East has paidRead More →

On the evening of December 15, at the junction of Xinting East Road and Tianyin Avenue in Jiangning, Nanjing, Mr. Li, a citizen, met with a very frightening event. After drinking that evening, he used a travel software to call Master Liu, who was sitting in the back seat of a fast-moving car, and suddenly found out in horror that the car was “driverless” – the driver was in abnormal condition without any reaction. The owner, Mr. Li, was so frightened that he braked from behind and stopped the car in time. After getting off the bus, Mr. Li was shocked to find that theRead More →

On December 26, some netizens uploaded a video of pandas playing with kitchen knives. In the video, the panda “Mengmeng” holds a kitchen knife in both hands and puts it on his face. Some visitors see it and shout at the panda, “It’s too dangerous, throw it away, throw it away”, and then “Mengmeng” throws the kitchen knife away. Video has attracted a lot of attention on the Internet. Today (December 27), the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Base responded by saying that on December 26, at 9 am, the on-duty keepers replaced new enrichment items and added bamboo for them at the Mengmeng Stadium,Read More →

The original title of Feng Chenqing’s cartography: Ruisheng coffee lost more than 800 million yuan: with large-scale subsidies to attract visitors to question the profit model is still uncertain? Because of the recent completion of the B round of financing, the financial data of Ruisheng Coffee has also been exposed by the media. In the first three quarters of this year, the total sales revenue of Ruisheng coffee was 375 million yuan, with a gross profit loss of 433 million yuan and a net loss of 857 million yuan. The loss data has surprised the outside world, and Ruisheng coffee has also been questioned forRead More →

Four years ago, we saw Liangchen for the first time at the donation event of Baicao Road Primary School in Wuhou District, Chengdu. He had no nails on his hands and feet, no eyebrows on his face, and walked slowly with his body bent, a little like the grunt in the movie The Lord of the Rings. We followed him home, and in the greasy cabin with the glass windows, we watched him unfold the fresh-keeping film under the “little sun” and wrap his skin tremblingly, which was covered with deep and shallow bloodstains and pus. The shock and suffering of his heart were beyondRead More →

Some time ago, the “overlord man” on the high-speed railway   became popular. People naturally scorned this behavior. Unexpectedly, a “overlord man” appeared on a train recently. He forcibly occupied the berths of other passengers and harassed other female passengers. That night, on the K117 train from Beijing West to Panzhihua, a drunken man seized other people’s berths and harassed female passengers in the same carriage. The police rushed to deal with them. Passenger: “He scolded the conductor. I heard that he was going to drive the man to the upper berth. He said I paid for it. I bought it. The conductor knew it.”Read More →