The news that President Donald Trump walked away from negotiations with Nor th Korea early and empty-handed led many experts and lawmakers to heave sig hs of relief, even as the summit’s abrupt finale raises questions about where things go from here.   Many had worried that the President, eager to score a success and distract from damaging testimony by his former personal lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen, would make a deal that endangered Am erica’s national security and possibly decrease the chances of Pyonyang denuclearization.   According to people familiar with conversations among the President’s senior national security officials, Trump told so me advisers ahead ofRead More →

  Kim Jong Un were executing a “nice walk” away from the table — but what exactly happened in Vietnam isn’t at all cle ar, as both sides emerged with different stories in the hours after they packed up and headed home.   Trump was unpleasantly surprised by a demand from Kim that all sanctions be lifted on North Korea, according to a pe rson familiar with the negotiations, believing the young despot had come to Hanoi prepared to deal.   But North Korean Foreign Minister Ru Yong Ho offered a contradictory story. “What we proposed was not the rem oval of all sanctions, but their partial removal,”Read More →

  ea expert at Center for a New American Security. “Lifting key economic sanctio ns without proportionate denuclearization steps risk losing leverage.”   And even though the odds of success were low, with a mere month for the US team to prepare, many Republicans portrayed the draw as a victory.   ”It’s better to walk away than sign a bad deal,” said Sen. Lindse y Graham, a South Carolina Republican and fierce critic of the Kim regime.   ”What he did in Hanoi was the right thing to do — he walked away from a bad deal,” former Republican Sen. Rick Sant orum told CNN’s “New Day,” adding thatRead More →

  alluci elaborated in a call arranged by the Stimson Center. He worried Trump would go along with a Chinese and Russian proposal “that we give up joint ex ercises with the ROK in exchange for the North Koreans giving up furthe r testing of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.”   There had been some concern that the US would sign off on a formal end to hostiliti es with North Korea and, as a result, Trump would agree to pull US troops from the Korean Peninsula.   The President had claimed that the removal of US troops from South Korea was not on the ta ble, butRead More →

  In the most important sense, the Hanoi summit failed for a very simple reason: North Korea will not eliminate its nuclear arsenal ov er the next months or years. However, this does not mean that negotiations are doomed to fail or misgu ided — just the opposite. It is more important than ever that negotiations succeed in limiting the threat from a nu clear-armed North Korea. Without a decisive shift in course, a third summit would only end up like the first two.   Pyongyang’s conduct over the last year and decade should leave no doubt about its in tention to retain its nuclear arsenal. PyongyangRead More →

The operator of Hong Kong stock exchange, the third-largest bourse in Asia, is set to provide more diversified products and servic es in the next three years to facilitate its gateway role for investment in and out of Chinese mainland, as it eyes to be the global m arkets leader in the Asian time zone, according to its Strategic Plan 2019-2021 unveiled Thursday. With its three focuses — China anchored, Globally Connected and Technol ogy Empowered, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing aims to ” increase our inte rnational relevance to China and Asia, and our Asia relevance to the global markets” . Shanghai-Hong Kong StockRead More →

of competent lawyers to fight its case, Huawei has also continu ed to improve its technology, which ranks fifth among the world’s top 50 companies that have inve sted the most in R&D, according to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre. Of course, the Chinese companies should prepare to meet any eventualities, but they should not be over-pessimistic about the future. They need to understand that time is on their side and a vast market is ther e for them to explore despite the attempts of the US and its allies to compromise their business. Even in the US, its 50 states have different policiesRead More →

city produced by compressed hydrogen fed into fuel cells, are important in building a green ene rgy future, as they are generally considered zero-emission and clean, according to Hu. Such vehicles have long cruising ranges and can be refueled within three to five minutes. In addition, the performance of fuel cell vehicles is not greatly affected by the change o f seasons, he said, referring to winter’s adverse effect on the life of lithium batteries. In recent years, the company has made moves to advance in the field, as bo th the central and local governments are eyeing the potential of hydrogen fuel cells toRead More →

the first being the Xihe Qiqiao Cultural Festival, and it proved to be highly popular with tourists. Soon, she began to take orders, and then recruited locals to work for her. “As my life improves, I want to help others to make better lives for themselves through their embroidery,” says Zhang. In 2015, with the help of her family, she built a house to be used as a work site and named it Qiqiao Workshop. At first, she recruited a dozen members. After that the num ber has kept growing as the factory developed into an infl uential embroidery organization, the Qiqiao Workshop Association. ByRead More →

learned to sell their work online. Meanwhile, Lyu registered an online store on Taobao in 2016 and says she has since earned 50,000 yuan. Speaking about the efforts, Luo Shumei, the president of the Wo men’s Federation of Changdao village, Xihe county, says: “It’s a good thing to see embroidery pro duction in Xihe county is shifting from being scattered to being more organized. “But one drawback is that we are yet to find a good market.” Separately, in 2016, the Xihe Culture, Radio and Broadcasting Administration designated Luo, now 32, as a Xihe Qiqiao culture “inheritor”. As for the future prospects, Luo says: “ToRead More →