Republican Sen. John Thune — who has oversight of the aviation industry and the FAA as a member of the Aviation subcommit tee of the Commerce and Transportation Committee — said Tuesday he would “prefer flying on some other plane” rather than Boeing’s 737 MAX 8.   Thune, who is also a the second-ranking Senate Republican leader, seemed to suggest he would be open to ground ing the planes if the evidence pointed to it, but stopped short of saying the planes should be grounded at this po int unless and until an NTSB investigation finds there is a problem with the plane.   He said heRead More →

ind out what happens to the girl who eats too many bananas… It sounds like the tagline to a cheesy B- movie. But with the incredible worldwide popularity of bananas – they are grown in 107 cou ntries and represent the fourth most valuable crop globally – it’s smart to take a deeper look at their nutritional make-up. And since there can be too much of any good thing, stick with us to the end to find out just how many bananas are too many. China will continue to propose laws and regulations to further guide and manage research ethics and academic integrity, Minister ofRead More →

after controversies that still loom over Chinese academia. Scientist He Jiankui’s announcement to have created the world’s first gene-edited babies to HIV sparked international condemnation, and act or Zhai Tianlin was found to have committed plagiarism in his doctoral pap ers, which aroused public anger online.Ethiopian Airlines plane crash: 8 Chinese among 157 victimsAn Ethiopian Ai lines Boeing 737 passenger jet to Nairobi crashed on Sunday with 149 passengers and eight crew members aboard There were no survivors onboard the flight  Eight Chinese were aboard the flight, seven were from the mainland and one from Hong Kong The plane was a Boeing 737 MAX 8,Read More →

  ech online, but it’s also worth remembering that the Yarovaya Law had a major impact on religious freedom in Russia.   A 2018 State Department report noted that Russian authorities “prosecuted individuals of many denomination s for unauthorized missionary activity under the amendments to antiterrorism laws passed in 2016, known as the Yarovaya Package. Polic e conducted raids on the private homes and places of worship of religious minorities.   Religious minorities said local authorities used the country’s anti-extremism l aws to add to the list of banned religious texts. Local officials continued to prevent minority religi ous organizations from obtaining land and denied them construction permitsRead More →

er Cube, but he was not totally satisfied with his 10m platform synchro. “It was not great race today, but we were better than we did in last leg in Japan. We did 387.93 in last race and today we were 400.86. “Lee Matthew and I are rather new pair since we have trained togethe r for only four months. Every competition is a learning opportunity. I believe we will get bette r after we compete in the next legs in Montreal, Kazan and London. Our goal is the World Championships,” Daley said. Zhang Jiaqi, the World Cup winner last year, won her tradem arkRead More →

ost, part of the measures to deepen reform and opening-up in order to improve China’s overall business environment, some assume Beijing is rushing t he draft through the NPC to help trade negotiations with Washington. Such assumptions are groundless, to say the le ast, because discussions on adjusting the existing regulatory statutes had begun around 2013. Plus, a 170-arti cle draft foreign investment law was published for public review way back in January 2015. Moreoverarticle draft in 2018 is nothing short of revolutionary, as it is aimed at a strategic turn in the country’s approach to foreign inv estment. Beijing’s concept of openness is noRead More →

continue this trend, further cutting the number of governmental approvals and improving efforts to serve business people. W hy? According to Li, delivering good services is what a government is meant to do. This will leave companies mo re time doing business and less time wrapped up in red tape. My family members doing business here will co ntinue to directly benefit and since time is money, the improvements should go directly to their bottom lines. When listening to Premier Li, I thought of something we hear often in the West: That the two Chinese characters for “crisis” come from those for “danger” an dRead More →

sformation from high-speed economic growth to high quality development, its econo my has reached a period of significant strategic opportunity. By 2035, China is e xpected to achieve socialist modernization with its per capita GDP reaching 35,000 int ernational dollars in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). While the United States reached that level in 198 8, Germany, France, the United Kingdom and Japan did so in 1998, 2001, 2003 and 2004, respectively. But to realize that goal, China has to solve several significant long-term problems. First, it has to mai ntain high total factor productivity (TFP), which at present is only 43 percent thatRead More →

  fter South Korea’s NIS reported that parts of the Yongbyon nuclear complex, including the re actor that is believed to produce weapons-grade plutonium, have not been active since the beginning of 2019.   The International Atomic Energy Agency announced similar findings earlier this week. The organization’s gen eral director, Yukiya Amano, said Monday the agency has not observed activity at several important facilities at Yo ngbyon but did see “indications of the ongoing use of the reported centrifuge enrichment facility.”   38 North said shortly before the summit that there was no indication that the site’s plutonium production reactor was operating. A post in January said thatRead More →

Korea produces fissile material for nuclear weapons, but experts have long believed North Korea operates a series of covert sites that contribute to its ballistic mis sile and nuclear weapons program. Trump appeared to hint at the existence at least one of those during his news con ference following the Hanoi summit, a second uranium enrichment plant. South Korean lawmaker Lee Eun-jae’s off ice said that an “additional uranium facility” was discussed during the Hanoi summit. While it’s unclear what or where this site is, a tea m of North Korea open-source analysts published findings in the online news site The Diplomat in July revealingRead More →