Thistle, he thought. “Ever get tired of me, Mummy?” “Of all the idiotic questions ever asked, that takes the grand prize!” Mrs. Langwell answered. “Can I help you?” “Of course you can.” The getting ready did not take long, and exactly half an hour later, Nike lighted about a mile from the Flying Field where the girl Sky-Pilot found her passenger had just arrived. The woman came in a taxicab, nodded a greeting,   paid the driver, then came briskly to the waiting plane. Her throat was wrapped in a scarf. Haggon would call it an abomination, the blackest sin of all, but Haggon wasRead More →

ot all skinchangers felt the same, however. Once, when Lump was ten, Haggon had taken him to a gathering of such. The wargs were the most numerous in that company, the wolf-brothers, but the boy had found the others stranger and more fascinating. Borroq looked so much like his boar that all he lacked was tusks, Orell had his eagle, Briar her shadowcat (the moment he   saw them, Lump wanted a shadowcat of his own), the goat woman Grisella …shlf1314   None of them had been as strong as Varamyr Sixskins, though, not even Haggon, tall and grim with his hands as hard asRead More →

“Sounds louder than the fire bell,” Roberta remarked, and they agreed that she was right and it would certainly wake everybody in the neighborhood if it went off at night. After the guests had taken their departure51 the girl helped her mother and when the bell was finally installed, they went out to inspect the job. The alarm was set low on the wall, the wiring ran back through the thick planks, which had been bored so they were not exposed, and could not be either ripped out or cut without difficulty. “Keep them set all of the time,” the man explained, “and remember wheneverRead More →

“We haven’t heard anything from him this morning, but your father plans to stop at his office on the way in to town.” Before Mance, Varamyr Sixskins had been a lord of sorts. He lived alone in a hall of moss and mud and hewn logs that had once been Haggon’s, attended by his beasts. A dozen villages did him homage in bread and salt and cider, offering him fruit from their orchards and vegetables from their gardens. His meat he got himself. Whenever he desired a woman he sent his shadowcat to stalk her, and whatever girl he’d cast his eye upon would followRead More →

“Your father decided to have a good alarm put on the door so that the next unwelcome hand that tries to tamper with it will wake up the neighborhood,” she explained. “Dad’s a dear,” the girl answered. “I’ve always thought so,” her mother admitted.   “And you have known him a lot longer than I have,” Roberta chuckled. “How would you like some breakfast here—” “Top hole, but I’m going to get into some clothes and come down and get it before you50 spoil me entirely,” she laughed and gave her mother a resounding kiss. “Oh, isn’t it great that there was no damage reallyRead More →

“Did you turn round and chase them?” Roberta asked eagerly.   “Yes, Miss, I did, but they opened her up and went ‘hell bent for election,’ I beg your pardon. And pretty soon I couldn’t qinpad   see anything but the dust they made, and there was plenty of that.” He fumbled in the pocket of his jacket. “Get the number?” the sheriff snapped. “Bet your socks,” the boy grinned. “Here she is.” Haggon’s rough voice echoed in his head. “You will die a dozen deaths, boy, and every one will hurt … but when your true death comes, you will live again. The second lifeRead More →

“Good piece of work.” Mr. Howard took the scrap of paper upon which the license number had been hastily scrawled. “Wrote it down quick so I wouldn’t forget it. Anybody hurt?”   “Thank you, we are all right,” Mrs. Langwell assured him. “Won’t you have a cup of coffee, or something to eat?” The chap was about Harvey’s age. “Thanks just the same. I’ll ooze along. You people will want to get back to bed. If48 you care to bump-the-bumps with me, sheriff, I’ll give you a lift on this cycle.” Varamyr had died nine times before. He had died once from a spear thrust,Read More →

“No. Fact is, we were in bed and my wife asked me to open our window a bit wider. These spring nights are warming considerable. I just got the window up when the shot came. The lad   at the door46 surely had a vocabulary! Then the second shot ripped about and the fat fellow squealed.”   “It was fortunate that you happened to be in the neighborhood, Mr. Howard,” said Mrs. Langwell. “I was cutting across lots for home when I heard the shots. I’d been at the town hall where we had a hot session over some concessions and taxes. Just got throughRead More →

or the big man with the scarred face, or the youth with the red hair. He had been afraid, though. One of the others might have realized what was happening. Then they would have   turned on him and killed him. And Haggon’s words had haunted him, and so the chance had passed. After the battle there had been thousands of them struggling through the forest, hungry, frightened, fleeing the carnage that had descended on them at the Wall. Some had talked of   returning to the homes that they’d abandoned, others of mounting a second assault upon the gate, but most were lost, withRead More →

Molitor had the best competitive swimming club in Paris. Therewere two pools, an indoor and an outdoor. Both were as bigas small oceans. The indoor pool always had two lanesreserved for   swimmers who wanted to do lengths. The waterwas so clean and clear you could have used it to make yourmorning coffee. Wooden changing cabins, blue and white,surrounded the pool   on two floors. You could look down andsee everyone and everything. The porters who marked yourcabin door with chalk to show that it was occupied werelimping old men, friendly in an ill-   tempered way. No amount ofshouting and tomfoolery ever ruffled them.Read More →