and Taiwan is an inseparable part of the whole,” he said. “If Lai continues to pursue his selfish goal by playing

with the fire known as Taiwan secession, it is very dangerous. Separating Taiwan will only bring calamity to its people.”

Tang Yonghong, deputy director of the Taiwan Research Center at Xiamen Univ

ersity, said Taiwan’s current administration has failed to improve the island’s economy and people’s livelih

oods, so it has to trump up security issues and turn to external forces to win support for the upcoming election.

“Taiwan’s current administration knows it cannot achieve independence by itself, so it has to r

ely on foreign support, especially from the US,” he said. “The US also wants to take advantage of Taiwan to press

ure the Chinese mainland, especially since the US now sees the mainland as its primary competitor.”

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the Taiwan Relations Act, so Tsai and her pro-seces

sion supporters are using this occasion to bolster ties with the US, hoping to receive more support, Tang said.