China can push forward deleveraging and deal with short-term downside pressure in a coord

inated way to ensure sustainable and high-quality economic growth, experts said on Friday.

“Deleveraging does not necessarily lead to slower economic gro

wth. It depends on which approach we choose to lower the leverage,” said Hu Xia

olian, chair of the Export-Import Bank of China at the Boao Forum for Asia, which concluded on Friday.

As China’s deleveraging moves support supply-side structural reforms, del

everaging and economic growth actually go hand in hand in many aspects, Hu said.

Reducing the debt ratio of State-owned enterprises, for example, entails reforms to streng

then corporate governance and higher efficiency, she said, adding that China’s efforts to develop a stronger capital

market will not only reduce the corporate debt level by increasing equity financing but also contribute to economic growth.