hina may still have a long way to go before it has the space capabilities depicted in the sci-fi

blockbuster The Wandering Earth. Yet it has undoubtedly made remarkable progress over the past decades.

And it is China’s consistent policy to undertake its space program only for scient

ific and technological progress, and to exploit space resources for peaceful purposes, a posi

tion that was again accentuated by Wu Weiren, chief designer of China’s lunar exploration program.

A member of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese P

eople’s Political Consultative Conference, Wu said prior to the opening of the country’s top

political advisory body’s second session that China will gradually open data collected by the Chang’e 4 lunar p

robe to the world. He also said the country plans to launch a probe to orbit Mars next year.

More ambitiously, there are also reports that China hopes to o

perate a commercially viable solar space station by 2050 that could beam energy back to Ea

rth via microwaves or lasers, which scientists consider an effective way to combat climate change.