Major protests are expected to rage throughout Algeria on Sunday, as demonstrators anticipate confirmation that the count

ry’s ailing and absent president Abdelaziz Bouteflika will run for a fifth term in office.

  Protesters have already sparked one of the nation’s largest displa

ys of public dissent since its war of independence from France ended in 1962, filling several street

s in the capital Algiers and demanding that the 82-year-old leader withdraw his name from next month’s election.

  But action is expected to escalate ahead of the Sunday evening deadline for Boutefl

ika — who suffered a stroke in 2013 and has rarely been seen in public since — to formally declare his candidacy.

  It is widely believed that the President is largely inc

apacitated, leaving the reins of the country in the hands of a military and civilian elite.

  He nonetheless seemed to step up preparations for another run by replacing

his long-time campaign manager on Saturday, according to state news agency Algérie Presse Service (APS).

  Police vans and anti-riot vehicles surrounded governme

nt buildings in Algiers on Sunday morning ahead of the anticipated demonstrations.