of competent lawyers to fight its case, Huawei has also continu

ed to improve its technology, which ranks fifth among the world’s top 50 companies that have inve

sted the most in R&D, according to the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre.

Of course, the Chinese companies should prepare to meet any eventualities, but they should not be

over-pessimistic about the future. They need to understand that time is on their side and a vast market is ther

e for them to explore despite the attempts of the US and its allies to compromise their business. Even in the US,

its 50 states have different policies and may adopt different attitudes toward to similar or the same issues.

Besides, China’s market of more than 1.3 billion people offers local companies huge room for growth.

As such, Chinese companies should stay vigilant in a fast-changing world but not lose heart when pes

tered by certain foreign governments, a phenomenon w

hich is expected to become increasingly frequent in the short term. And amid all this, the government should take co

crete measures to create a fair environment for the Chinese companies to grow and innovate.