will rise by $30 if Apple moves its final assembly lines to the United States. If Apple manufactu

res components and assembles them in the country, the cost will go up by $100 with the investment, labor and logistics involved.

What’s more, the relocation to the United States would also see rising prices of many supplier items produced outside the U

nited States, including semi-conductors, processors, memory, displays, batteries, the plastic and metal enclosures.

“Our industry involves highly customized products. It requires both strong research and development ability and ind

ustry scale. So, moving the supply chain would be a long shot,” said Meng Wu Peng, deputy general manager of Le

ns Technology, which manufactures cover-glass for smartphone brands such as Apple and Samsung.

Foxconn has hinted for months that it might shift focus to research and develo

pment facilities rather than large-scale manufacturing, casting doubts on its ability to live up to its promises.