According to the Japanese Times website on the 30th, the nuclear fuel facility in Donghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan,

sounded the “radioactive material leakage” alarm on the afternoon of the same day, and nine staff members were bei

ng inspected to determine whether they had been exposed to nuclear pollution.

According to Taiwan’s Toshimori News Cloud, the Japan Release Association was q

uoted as saying that nine staff members were present when the fuel manuf

acturing equipment of Japan Atomic Power Research and Development Agency (JARDA) in Do

nghai Village, Ibaraki Prefecture, was operating. Ibaraki County said the incident did not affect the surrounding environment.

After the news came out, the Ibaraki county government said that the ob

servation stations near the Institute had not detected any changes in radiation val

ues and had no impact on the surrounding environment, but the details remain to be investigated.

Ibaraki Prefecture is located in the northern part of Kanto region, Japan, east of the Pac

ific Ocean, north of Fukushima Prefecture. Donghai Village’s nuclear fuel facility is about 134 kil

ometers away from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, where a leak occurred in 2011.

According to Xinhua News Agency, there are many radiation monitoring sites in Ibaraki becau

se of its nuclear power plant. Just as we keep an eye on weather forecasts, nearby residents check radiation data almost every day.