China entertainment network news recently, has been the mother of Xiong Dai

lin’s personal accounts Tucao self Filipino maid, frankly dangerous. After giving birth to tw

ins last year, Xiong Dailin hired a Filipino servant to help with the housework and take care of her two childr

en. She said that the Filipino servant was always diligent and careful, but recently became careless and prov

ocative. She resigned more than a month ago and returned home. Unexpectedly, a month later, Xiong Dailin’s family suddenly received a tele

phone and letter from the financial company to collect debts from Filipino commissioners, which seemed to owe oth

ers a lot of money. I have to say how long it takes to invite people to do things at home. Don’t lead wolves into the room. But there are still many stars in the ent

ertainment circle who are quite friendly and get along well with their nanny and aunt as if they were a family.

To say that Filipino servant nanny, A Sa also made news recently. It was A Sa who found his “sister” who

had lost contact for many years. This “Eden sister” had been taking care of her when she was young

. 25 years ago, because of the lack of popular electronic devices such as mobile phones, after the return of Filipino servant, A Sa lost contact with her f

or 25 years. Recently, I found my sister, A Sa, and said with emotion, “It feels like meeting a loved one I haven’t seen f

or a long time. Thank God for letting me see her again so that I can repay her for her youth and love in the days to come.