At that time and the vast and all the fri

ends from the KTV to sing, he and Cao Xi months with both take a car, go to the hotel.Under the guidance of the staff, two peo

ple just climaxed in and out.Then the woman boss tao has stated that she now don

‘t have any feelings, is a single state.And the male fans also responded just sister relationship.

But on fans have recognized the brother and

sister relationship, but the next day was the media reported the two even xox

o behavior in the public situation.It seems that this is not normal that some behavior between brother and sis

ter.Wear white coats at the time the vast, holding a black girl.Even the unsuitable picture.

This isn’t two people again denied also of no help, was very controversial, the net friends said the original so-called friends ca

n kiss ah, long knowledge.Have fans also said, if it is true, don’t deny that applauded now is not the behavior of the do

zen face?Have net friend say the beside the person’s paparazzi.Then the man’s studio, in view of the evidence is also cla

rified more than just friends, the net friend comment again, heterosexual friends can also be a fun kiss!

For frontal gossip about celebrities in the en

tertainment circle are mostly is true, there are more and more people chose the real ones, but the face statement m

any times in the next day, the public will lose trust in these artists.Be not a bad way.