Beijing time on January 22 afternoon, according to the various media

messages, the premier league club Cardiff city new signings Sarah confirm lost in

plane.It is reported that the plane carrying two people, including Sarah herself an

d the pilot, there are two helicopters is a search and rescue work, but so far there is no any news!

  On January 20, Cardiff city officially announced the signing of French fc nantes Sa

ra, worth up to 17 million euros, Cardiff city club record transfer fee record, the two sides

signed a contract until the summer of 2022.Sar

ah,, 28, the nationality, on behalf of the Frenc

h nantes team made 21 appearances this season, scoring 13 goals and 2 assists.

  After the two sides signed a contract, Sarah speeding to Cardiff city, the plane was due to

arrive by 9 p.m. local time, but the plane lost at about 8:30.Police said: “a few hours

ago, disappeared from radar in a light aircraft, search and rescue operations are cu

rrently alderney island and jersey near.”It is reported that there was light rain, w

hen the plane lost but is not big.However, the bad weather is still in a certain extent hindered the rescue work.

  On October 27, 2018, premier league club leicester city boss d guess by helico

pter, shortly after taking off, unfortunately is out of control crashed to the gr

ound, the plane of the five people were killed, including d guess, painful.Let a perso

n unexpectedly is that only less than three

months, the same sad story happening again in the football field.At presen

t, many fans went to Sarah’s ins account give blessings, hope Sara will safe and sound!

  Here, the only prayer!Good luck to Sarah!Let tragedy away from football!