21, the national bureau of statistics released in 2018, the Chinese economy.In 2018, China’s overall economy in smooth and steady, per capita disposable income faster t

han GDP, per capita GDP and CPI growth, job creation and other important indicators achieve development goals.

Data figure Wu Wei drawing

GDP for the first time in 90 trillion, up 6.6% from a year earlier

Preliminary accounting, gross domestic product (GDP) in 2018, 90.0309 trillion yuan

, RMB 90 trillion for the first time.Calculated at comparable prices, an increase of 6.6% over the previous year, rea

lized the anticipated development goals, about 6.5% of the economy maintained a rapid growth.

, deputy director of the national development and reform commission, the national bureau of statistics bureau of changning ji zhe said at the news conf

erence, 2018 gross domestic product of more than 90 trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of nearly 8 trillion y

uan.According to the average exchange rates, the economic total amount of $13.6 trillion, ranks second in the world.

 says, overall, in 2018 the national economy continues to run in a reasonable range, realize the overall into in sm

ooth and steady.At the same time also want to see, mixed in change, change in the economic running stability, co

mplicated external environment and economic downward pressure, forward must be targeted to solve the problems.

Moderate prices rose, or lower than expected

2018 consumer price index (CPI) rose 2.1% over the previous year, about 3% lower than the year’s target.宁吉喆 evalu

ation, according to the price rise less than expected, moderate rise in the consumer price index.

In the price of food, tobacco, food prices rose 0.8%, pork prices fell by 8.1%, fresh veget

ables rose 7.1%.Excluding food and energy prices, core CPI rose 1.9%, or fall by 0.3% over the previous year.

New era xiang-dong pan securities chief economist, said in 2018 year-on-year gro

wth above 2% for the first time in four years, mainly due to extreme weather in summe

r and natural disasters vegetable prices.Vegetable prices rose 7.1% in 2018, the CPI pull rate is increased by 0.38% in 2017.