Dear friends, hello, everyone, I am your old friend economic weekly market leader.Today I am honored to bring you an article, that is: foxconn cut 50000 importa

nt reason: because the company to only 2% of the profits!Believe everyone for this kind of event, are very interested in.So let’s go to have a look at it!

  According to the current news, foxconn zhengzhou factory from last year to now, alm

ost has the nearly 50000 layoffs.But for now, the company has not made any response, foxconn, a total of seven d

epartments, has now been taken down four leaves three, there are still some school have cooperation with factori

ct, as you know, this year the economy is not very good, but also said that, foxconn has cut down the expense of 20 bill

ion yuan, of which apple assembly experiments would decrease the cost of 6 billion, now has said that foxconn is planning

to lay off 10% of unskilled workers, the total number of about nearly one hundred thousand people.

  You might well up why foxconn will a large number of layoffs, the first point is because apple is not very good at present, there is a

reason why foxconn workers at the time of the peak season, wages are relatively very high.But now in order are dwindli

ng, either the bus or to work overtime, the corresponding salary has been reduced, regaining is apple mobile phone or

der has been falling, especially in the domestic market, apple iPhone, 70% are sold annually by foxconn foundry.O

nce foxconn to apple provides nearly 60 core production line, but now nearly all have spoiled.

  Orders reduce the performance is affected by a lot of foxconn, turnover dire

ctly dropped by 8.3%, compared to 619.3 billion new Taiwan dollars ($20.12 billion), no

w what is the most critical is foxconn is the future?The transformation of the Internet industry, anyway, sooner or later, foxc

onn is to walk this path, only the apple processing software, only earn the 2% profit, it is not as good as early as possible.

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