“Call 110 if you are in danger” is a warm statement that confirms the people’s trust in 110. With the advent of “110 Publicity Day” this year,

Yancheng 110 has gone through 23 years with the people. From the initial daily alarm receipt of more t

han 100 to today’s daily average of 5000, under the huge increase in the number of alarms received, all 11

0 people “serve the people” has never changed. Faced with the new expectations of the new era and the improvement of the q

uality and efficiency of 110 receiving and handling police work, Yancheng Police has launched 110 reforms since last year, and made every effort to promote the integration of receiv

ing police areas, business process reengineering and the optimal allocation of police resources, so as to promote the overall upgrading of public security work and better meet the

needs of the people for a better life. According to the survey, the satisfaction rate of receiving and handling police in 2018 reached 95.4%.

“110 is the most familiar and trusted number of the people, and has become the”symbol of peace”i

n the hearts of the people. We should always take the people as the center, actively explore the reform of 110 command and service system, and create a wise, temperate, pr

epared and high-quality people 110.” Wang Qiaoquan, Vice Mayor of Yancheng City and Director of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, said.

On the evening of March 20, 2018, the merger operation of Yancheng 110 receiving police area was officially launched. Since mid

night on the 21st, Yandu 110 police receiving area has been merged into the 110 unified police receiving area of the Municipal Public Security Bureau. On July 5, the Dafeng pol

ice area was successfully merged. Since then, the large urban area has realized “unified alarm reception and flat dispatch”, which also

marks the first step towards the reform direction of “one alarm receiving area, one service window,

one support platform and a set of operation mechanism” for the whole city’s public security 110.

Referring to the merger of Yandu police area, Gu Yuannian, the commander of the command and dispatch brigade of the Municipal Public Se

curity Bureau, was deeply touched. According to him, with the continuous increase of urban area in recent years, most of the districts

in Chengnan New District are adjacent to Yandu 110, and the streets of Panhuang and Yandu in Yandu District are adjacent to the 110 police di

stricts of the Municipal Bureau. Many citizens living and working in Chengnan and Yandu districts often have cascade connections when d

ialing 110 alarms for help, which will affect their efficiency. Gu Yuannian said that at present, the average daily police response in Yanche

ng City is about 3400, and that in Yandu District is more than 600. After the merger, the 110 telephone alarms in the former Yandu District will be handled by the 110 alarm servic

e desk of the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the command and dispatch will be unified. The

major emergency alarms will be directed directly by the Municipal Public Security Bureau, and the efficiency of receiving and handling the police will be further improved.